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Travel Palette: Streets of Seville – Spain Inspired Color Palette

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Charming, Natural, and Sun-Baked

Oh, how romantic. and charming are these narrow streets of Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville, Spain? They were the inspiration for this Spain inspired color palette. I may have a long wingspan (ahem 6′-0″ ), but these streets are narrow. This week’s inspiration captures me walking through the winding narrow streets of Spain. Seville is full of character, color, and sun. Learn about this charming city and how it inspired this fresh color palette. Learn ways to create a playful, natural, and earthy palette for your project or space.

The travel palettes series expands creative horizons. It explores the correlation between travel, inspiration, colors, textures, and design.

  Spain Inspired Color Palette - Wandering Down Narrow Streets in Seville- Spain - Sevilla  

About Seville, Spain

The little explorer and traveler Victoria was in her element. I soaked up the sunshine in Seville Spain or Sevilla to Spanish speakers. Seville is the capital city of the Andalusia region of Spain and it is the fourth largest city in Spain. Andalusia is the southern-most region of Spain. Other cities in this region include Granada and Cordoba.

Love flamenco dancing? Flamenco originated in Seville! You’ll see people dance flamenco in the streets. If you visit Seville, be sure to check out La Giralda, Plaza de España, Reales Alcázares, and Metropol Parasol. 

The inspiration image was taken in Barrio Santa Cruz. This neighborhood is known for its narrow streets (can confirm). This was taken on the way to get some delicious paella! I had the privilege to visit my friends studying abroad in Seville (Shoutout to Leah and Shelby). They showed me the place they called home for a semester. This was the beginning of our travels through Europe together after our study abroad experiences.

Barrio Santa Cruz – on my way to eat paella!
Streets of Seville -Plaza de España
Plaza de España
Streets of Seville -Metropol Parasol
Metropol Parasol


Streets of Seville – Spain Inspired Color Palette 

The narrow streets of Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville inspired this weeks’ travel palette. The walls of the building were the sources of blush pinks, rustic reds, and terracotta orange. The two-toned walls paired soft pinks and terra cotta orange on one side. The bottom of the other wall had a rustic red. The aged shop sign incorporates a sagey teal color in the palette. The pavement of this street incorporates a taupe-y brown color. The combination of the buildings, pavement, and sign created a warm and earthy palette.

The sources of each color are indicated below and then matched with a Pantone color.


Spain Inspired Color Palette - Design to Five - Seville Spain Color Palette - Color Indicator



Design to Five - Spain Inspired Color Palette - Pantone Colors



Spain inspired finish material palette - Design to Five - Seville Spain

This palette brings in warm and natural hues and historical charm with a fresh twist. The streets of Seville inspired a playful balance between color, textures, and patterns.

The teal tile pattern picks up on the worn and aged feeling of the shop sign. The vintage terracotta tile represents the pavement. The palette helps emphasize honest materials: wool, leather, and clay. This enhances the artisanal and natural feel of the palette. All materials are described and linked below.



Palette Materials

Livden-Bella Collection- Spanish Sun- Pear- Kitchen Install
Livden-Bella Collection- Spanish Sun- Pear (Photo Source)

Teal Sign: Printed Tile

Livden – Bella Collection – Spanish Sun Pattern – Pear

Starting with the focal point of the palette is this tile from Livden. The patterns faded and soft characteristics reflect the aged sign from the inspiration. This tile is great for making a statement for a backsplash in a kitchen. The tile is sustainable. The Bella Collection contains recycled materials and it is made in the USA.

Printed Green and White Patterned Tile - Spanish Tile Inspiration
Livden – Bella Collection – Spanish Sun – Pear (Photo Source)
Building – Top Half: Wallcovering

 Wolf Gordon – Ennis – Wool

Helping create the backdrop of this palette is this wallcovering from Wolf Gordon. Ennis in the color, wool, is this soft, warm, blush pink color. This represents the top of the two-toned wall in the inspiration image. Ennis’s inspiration comes from wool tweed. This natural-looking visual pairs with the natural and gritty elements of the wall. This product is super durable and can be used for wall protection applications.

Pink Wallcovering - Wolf Gordon - Ennis - Wool
Wolf Gordon – Ennis – Wool (Photo Source)
Building – Bottom Half: Brick Red Upholstery

Luum – Heather Felt – Saffron

Adding some rich contrast to the palette is this felt upholstery from Luum Textiles. Heather Felt in the color Saffron is a beautiful rich color. The deep reds match the bottom of the building’s wall. The upholstery’s deep brick red contains the natural-colored warm gray wool. This blend picks up the brown taupes in the palette. This color variance and texture further pair with the texture and visual of the wall.

Red Felt Upholstery - Luum - Heather Felt - Saffron
Luum – Heather Felt – Saffron (Photo Source)
Mosaic Pebbled Pavement: Textured Taupe Wallcovering

MDC – Genon Contract – Facets – Heather Haze

When I saw this wallcovering, I immediately thought about the texture of the ground. The fractal texture is like the texture of the pebble pavement. The smoother squares and pebble squares both show a contrast through texture even though they are the same color. This geode-inspired wallcovering can bring some texture and dimension to a space. It is not too bold and one can layer it with other items.

Spain Inspired Color Palette - Wandering Down Narrow Streets in Seville- Spain - Sevilla
MDC – Genon Contract – Facets – Heather Haze (Photo Source)




Building – Bottom Half: Leather

CTL Leather – Preston – Pottery

A Spain inspired color palette can’t be complete without leather. Or is that just me? When I think of materials from Spain, Spanish leather is on the brain. (Maybe it’s because I think of my friend’s amazing Spanish leather shoes). I love the terracotta color of this leather. This brings a more earthy, raw-er feeling to the palette. This warm orange color pairs nicely with the teal tile and upholstery.

Orange Leather - CTL Leather - Preston - Pottery
CTL Leather – Preston – Pottery (Photo Source)
Sign: Teal Upholstery

HBF Textiles – Crafted Felt – Juniper

Complementing the oranges and reds in the palette is the Crafted Felt from HBF Textiles. Crafted Felt in the color Juniper has various colored slubs. As a result, the upholstery has a more raw and natural feeling. It passes the “vibe check” for this palette. It contains wool, which is a renewable resource — hey hey sustainabili-tay!

Aqua Wool Blend Upholstery - HBF Textiles - Crafted Felt - Juniper
HBF Textiles – Crafted Felt – Juniper (Photo Source)
Building: Patterened Upholstery

Wolf Gordon – Ritual – Natural White

Adding some more pattern to this palette is this upholstery from Wolf Gordon. Ritual, in the color, Natural White, is a subtle and small scale patterned upholstery. I love the organic-ness and randomness of the pattern. It provides visual interest, without being overwhelming. The yarn “ticks” are terracotta and taupe colored. C’mon, I love some detailed coordination. The fabric contains recycled content and is made in the USA.

Patterned Upholstery - Wolf Gordon Ritual - Natural White
Wolf Gordon Ritual – Natural White (Photo Source)
Pavers: Vintage Terracotta Tiles

 Design and Direct Source – Vintage Terracotta

Wrapping up this palette are these gorgeous vintage terracotta tiles. These Design and Direct Source tiles are made in, wait for it… SPAIN. The color and rustic texture perfectly capture the essence of the pavers in the photos. The natural texture and earthy colors help round out this travel palette.

Taupe Brown Pavers - Design and Direct Source - Vintage Terra Cotta
Design and Direct Source – Vintage Terra Cotta (Photo Source)


That breaks down my Spanish inspired color palette and finish palette! What city do you love walking around in? 

Want to see some travel palette’s from Spain’s neighbor? Check out: Travel Palette: Pena Palace Color Palette and Travel Palette: Sagres Portugal Inspired Color Palette



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