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Travel Palette: Streets of Lisbon – Graffiti Color Palette

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Spring is here! I am ready to lean into those springtime vibes. This featured travel palette captures a blissful moment while exploring Lisbon, Portugal. In this post, I am bringing you a fun and fresh palette featuring recently launched upholstery from Luna Textiles!

First, learn about the area behind the location of the photograph and where to score a key sunset spot! Discover how the scene inspired a fresh springy palette. Next, learn about the upholsteries from Luna Textile. Featuring the Paradigm collection, Off the Grid Collection, and the expanded Blueprint line. Get insight on how to explore color and textures to create an upbeat and energizing palette for your project or space.

The travel palette series expands creative horizons. It explores the correlation between travel, inspiration, colors, textures, and design.

Design to Five - Graffiti Color Palette - Pantone Colors, Aqua, Pink, Purple, Yellow DesigntoFive - Finish Material Palette - Yellow, Pink, Purple, Aqua, White

Lisbon Portugal Gems

Lisbon Portugal Graffiti Art - Inspiration

Ah yes, back down memory lane to the trip that brought me so much life: Visiting Portugal. Street art and graffiti are great places to harness inspiration through the play of colors, textures, and shapes. For example, check out my Travel Palette: Featuring Mural “The Love I Vibrate”. Street art and graffiti are very expressive. They help evoke energy through the colors and application. Also, they offer an artistic expression and can add levels of grit to an environment.

I discovered this charming pathway while hanging around Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. The juxtaposition of the delicate flowers and the rugged wall with graffiti drew me in.

My friend and I encountered this wall during our excursion. We were set to watch the sunset over Lisbon at a key lookout spot: Miradouro da Senhora do Monte.

Miradouro da Senhora do Monte

One of my favorite things to do while visiting a place is to get to visit a lookout over the city. Bonus points if it is at sunset. As a hopeless romantic with a wanderlust heart, there is something so beautiful and blissful about watching the sunset from a lookout and gazing over a foreign city. People gather to bond and reflect and embrace the beauty of the transition from daytime to night.

If you are In Lisbon, Miradouro da Senhora do Monte is that place to be! Miradouro da Senhora do Monte translates to Our Lady of the Hill Viewpoint. It is the highest lookout point in Lisbon and offers stunning panoramic views.  This is a bit of a hidden gem and is often overlooked by most travelers since it is a bit outside the main city. To get there, you can take the iconic 28 Tram for the full experience. Pack a snack, settle in, and enjoy the sunset views in the company of others.

Want more of a taste? Check out more details in my Travel Video: This is Portugal.

Lisbon Portugal Graffiti Art - Inspiration

Miradouro da Senhora do Monte - Scenic Lookout Portugal
Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. I mean, c’mon… 


Lisbon Portugal Graffiti Color Palette

This color palette inspiration stemmed from the vibrant graffiti colors. Juxtaposition is what first came to mind and what caught my eye. The gritty graffiti on the textured wall contrasts with the delicate pink flowers. The bold gray and black blocky graffiti text stands out against the backdrop of softer curves and pastel colors. The palette features a light gray pulled from the wall with punches of yellow, aqua, pink, and purple from the graffiti. Tying everything together is the vibrant pink sourced from the flowers spilling over the top of the wall.

The sources of each color are indicated below and then matched with a Pantone color.


Graffiti Inspired Color Palette - Pink, Yellow, Purple, Gray, Aqua



Pantone Colors: Graffiti Inspired Color Palette - Pink, Yellow, Purple, Gray, Aqua




Finish Palette - Lisbon Portugal Inspired Palette

Hello, spring energy! The Lisbon graffiti inspiration translates into a fresh, energetic, and uplifting palette! The palette plays with an unexpected combination of colors for an intriguing, yet cohesive palette. 

Upholsteries included in this palette are from Luna Textile’s latest launched collections. They include Three-D and Layer from the Paradigm Collection. Metro from the Off the Grid Collection. And Blueprint colorline expansion. The brushstroke-patterned wallcovering creates the anchor of the palette. It reflects the texture and strokes of the graffiti.

The palette’s bright colors and playful textures create an ensemble that is eye-catching, energizing, and lighthearted.

All materials are described and linked below.


Palette Materials

Graffiti Colors – Multicolored Textured Upholstery

Luna Textiles – Three-D – Telly

Starting off the palette is this showstopper of an upholstery from the recently launched Paradigm Collection. Three-D creates the foundation of the palette. Okay now, I am a bit OBSESSED. I Three-ly like this upholstery (Fine, cringe if you want. The puns and I are a packaged deal). The colorway, Telly, is spot on for this palette. It features an energizing blend of aqua, indigo, yellow, and orange. Hello texture! The colors and dynamic weaves capture the representation of the graffiti text and background. Three-D is Greenguard Gold Certified and contains biobased materials. So you can make that statement while being mindful of the environment.

Multi-colored woven Upholstery Luna - Three-D - Telly
Luna Textiles – Three-D – Telly (Photo Source)
Aqua Graffiti  – Seafoam Silicone

Luna Textiles – Layer – Luster

The stunner sidekick to Three-D -Telly is Layer in the color Luster. The upholstery Layer is also home to the Paradigm collection. Luna Textiles nailed Luster as a color. It is soft, but not too pastel. Bright, but can sneak in as understand elegance. This upholstery picks up on the aqua moments in the backdrop of the graffiti. The upholstery’s silicone material balances out the highly textured Three-D. Luna Textiles successfully created a silicone that feels buttery. Mad props. The colorway effortlessly picks up the aqua in the wallcovering as well, further tying the palette together.

Seafoam Upholstery - Luna Textiles. - Layer - Luster
Luna Textiles – Layer – Luster (Photo Source)
 Textured Wall – White Textured Upholstery

Luna Textiles – Metro – Westminster

Another textural element to this palette is this Metro upholstery in the color Westminster. Metro is part of the Off The Grid Collection, which was launched in the Spring of 2020. The subtle tonal play in the patterns creates a trusty texture that is not overpowering. Its display of texture and depth relates to the backdrop of the off-white graffiti wall. Metro contains recycled content and is bleach cleanable!

Luna Textiles – Metro – Westminster (Photo Source)
Yellow Graffiti  – Yellow Chenille Upholstery 

Luna Textiles – Blueprint – Herschel

The sunny yellow in the palette is most represented by the Blueprint – Herschel upholstery. The Blueprint line extended colorways in the Summer of 2020. Blueprint has a soft chenille-like feel with a subtle linen visual. Blueprint helps bring out the yellow in the Three-D upholstery and the yellow strokes in the wallcovering. The durable chenille with natural fibers creates a timeless fabric for many applications.

Yellow Upholstery - Luna Textiles - Blueprint - Herschel
Luna Textiles – Blueprint – Herschel (Photo Source)
 Graffiti Look – Colored Patterned Wallcovering

Mitchell Black – Cotton Candy – Light Blue – Blush the Label

Paired with the Luna textiles is this wallcovering from Mitchell Black. The brushstroke nature of the wallcovering directly relates to the visual quality of the graffiti. The aqua, yellow, and purple all play together for a composition with a statement. The wallcovering coordinates and ties in the aqua, purple, and yellow in the palette. Mitchell Black is a Chicago-based black-owned business that offers bespoke and custom wallcovering. They offer solutions suitable for a variety of applications.

Multicolored Watercolor Wallcovering - Mitchell Black - Cotton Candy - Light Blue - Blush the Label
Mitchell Black – Cotton Candy – Light Blue – Blush the Label
Textured Wall – Porcelain Tile

Porcelanosa – Nantes – Caliza

Up next, we’re capturing the texture of the wall of the inspiration image. The Nantes porcelain tile from Porcelainosa. Nantes in the color Caliza has this texture and dimension that relates to the graffiti wall. The Caliza is a soft neutral color and the tile has a concrete look and texture. The tile is available in a floor or wall application and comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

Porcelanosa - Nantes - Caliza
Porcelanosa – Nantes – Caliza (Photo Source)
 Pink Flowers – Pink Tile

Design and Direct Source – Ravenna – Basic – Medium Cyclamen

The palette would not be complete without a punch of pink! The fresh pink is represented in the flowers and brought out in the moments of pink in the graffiti. The Ravenna Basic tile in the color Medium Cyclamen brings that blooming hue into the palette. This glossy tile comes in a variety of sizes and has a large array of other color options. Perfect for that color-coordinated moment!

Design and Direct Source - Ravenna - Basic - Medium Cyclamen
Design & Direct Source – Ravenna Basic – Medium Cyclamen (Photo Source)

 Purple Graffiti – Purple Tile

Design and Direct Source – Cev Paloma – Lilac Satin

Last but not least is this tile from Design and Direct Source. Cev Paloma is a Moroccan Zellige style tile. It’s a more rustic and natural composition. The variation in the tile edge and surface pair with the gritty and rugged feel of the inspiration image. The purple color in the inspiration image brings a softness to the harsh jagged edges of the graffiti words. The black outlines of the graffiti text stand out against the soft purple moments for an eye-catching composition. This tile picks up on the purple featured in the wallcovering and helps complete the palette!

Design and Direct Source - Cev Paloma - Lilac Satin
Design and Direct Source – Cev Paloma – Lilac Satin (Photo Source)



What is your favorite upholstery from the recently launched Luna collections?  Let me know in the comments!

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