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Travel Palette: Montreal Botanical Gardens

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Summoning Spring with this Lusciously Green Palette.

This week’s travel-inspired color palette is this aetherial garden scene, located in Montreal’s Botanical Gardens. I don’t know about you, but I have been reminiscing and turning towards nature to provide peace and comfort during this interesting time. This week’s palette is based on this dreamy foresty image taken while wandering through Montreal’s Botanical Gardens. 

 The travel palettes series was created to expand creative horizons and explore the correlation between travel, inspiration, colors, textures, and design.

         Travel inspired color palette. Garden themed color palette. 

Montreal Botanical Gardens

During July of 2018, I revisited the charming city of Montreal to visit my long-time bestie (shoutout to Andrea). On a pleasant summer afternoon, we took a visit to the oh-so enchanting Montreal Botanical Gardens and soaked in all of its floral and foliage beauty. 

About Montreal Botanical Gardens

The gardens span across 190 acres and contain themed gardens, greenhouses, and more. One of my unexpected favorites was the garden that contained a wide array of fruits and veggies. As a plant-based eater, I enjoyed seeing all the fruits and veggies that I love to eat. It was neat getting back to the roots (yes inevitable, I went there) and get connected with how we source our food. It was a pleasant reminder that our fuel originates from the sun and is sourced from the earth.

Surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants, it was nearly impossible to not wander through the gardens with a smile on my face and a new wave of calm. 


Iv(er)y much enjoyed exploring!


This week’s travel palette was inspired by the elements, colors, and textures of this whimsical garden scene. The colors are sourced from luscious hues of green from the plants, pops of orange from the wildflowers, soft blues from whispy foliage in the distance, and gray from the rocks lining the brook. The colors create a fresh and lush palette for some spring inspiration.  The sources of each color are indicated below and then matched with a Pantone color. 


PANTONE COLOR MATCHES  Travel Inspired Color Palette, Spring Color Palette, Pantone Spring colors


Spring has sprung in this palette! The bright greens, pop of vibrant orange, and whimsical crosshatch motif create a palette with a playful garden theme. The preserved moss picks up the texture of the foliage, the various shades of green create dimension, and the pop of orange invites a playful twist. The product info for each material is described and linked below.

Preserved Moss 

The thick layers of foliage in the garden image is translated into preserved moss in the palette. This preserved moss is from Garden on the Wall. Preserved moss provides an opportunity to incorporate greenery and introduce biophilia in space through a wall or ceiling application. Preserved moss is an alternative solution to living green walls and can be installed with a specific design, pattern, or logo.

Sustainability highlights: Low energy consumption & low resource/maintenance alternative to a living green wall.

Preserved Moss – Garden on the Wall



The sprinkles of orange throughout the scene are from the wildflowers. They are represented in the palette by the orange glass from the Clarus Glassboard. The energetic and cheerful orange is a way to incorporate another vibrant hue into the palette. A colored glass board can be a functional way to incorporate accent colors, divide an area, or highlight featured elements in a space.

Sustainability: Indoor Advantage Gold Certified

Clarus Glassboard- Color 507


Maharam – Rail – Serpent

New Product Alert!
This garden palette is enhanced with this whimsical pattern from Maharam. The Rail upholstery line was launched this spring. This grid-like pattern has depth and dimension due to the varying colors and thicknesses of the lines. This variation brings some organicness to the pattern. Both the deeper green and bright green from the garden scene are picked up in this upholstery. The touches of yellow in the pattern correlate to the yellow wildflowers in the garden scene. This small-scale patterned upholstery is sure to serve as upholstery with versatility.

Sustainability Highlights: Contains recycled content, low VOCs, free of flame retardants and PFOAs

(Photo Source)

Brentano-Petra- Tide Pool 



New Product Alert!
The plants in the distance are represented by this upholstery from the recently launched Traveller’s Collection by Brentano Fabrics. This fabric, Petra, in the color Tide Pool, showcases a striated pattern in neutral colors with green undertones and a subtle streak of light blue. This line is inspired by the historic Petra site.  

(Photo Source)



Camira – Halcyon Cedar – Gooseberry



Grounding the palette is this green upholstery from Camira Fabrics. The Halcyon Cedar upholstery in the color gooseberry provides a subtle grid-like texture and contains darker tones of green woven throughout the fabric. This deeper multi-dimensional green helps create the foundation of the palette. This upholstery has an anti-microbial finish and is bleach cleanable which is an advantageous characteristic for upholstery, especially during these current times.  

(Photo Source)



Innovations Wallcovering – Jai – Sindhi
BROOK ROCKS: Grey Natural Woven Wallcovering

Adding dimension and texture to the palette is this natural woven wallcovering by Innovations wallcovering. The Jai wallcovering in the color Sindhi incorporates a natural texture and material into the palette. The plant theme is further carried into the composition of the material. The natural wallcovering is made from cellulose and the neutral warm-gray color coordinates with the rocks lining the brook. 

Sustainability Highlights: Natural materials, backing from recycled paper

(Photo Source)

Camira – Canopy – Gooseberry
BROOK PLANTS: Green Upholstery

Last but not least, this vibrant upholstery from Camira picks up on the bright green hue of the moss in the palette and the green lines within the patterned upholstery. The Canopy fabric in the color Gooseberry has a subtle rib-like texture and a soft chenille construction. This green fabric completes this week’s palette!

(Photo Source)







I hope you enjoyed this nature-inspired palette! More spring-like travel-inspired color palettes coming soon!
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