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My Top Travel Moments: 10-6

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Top Travel Moments: 10-6

I have narrowed down all of my travel experiences and I’m sharing my top 10 travel moments. A difficult task, I know. I have broken up the rankings into to two posts. Read my top 5 travel moments here;  My Top 10 Travel Moments: Top 5

Don’t skip ahead to the top 5 just yet! Let’s start with number 10…

10.Rainy Day in Arezzo

One quiet weekend in Florence, I decided to go on a solo day trip to Arezzo. Arezzo is known for their antique fairs that happen once a month, and this was my last chance to go before the end of the semester. It also happened to be a very rainy weekend, but that didn’t stop me! I caught the train to the city, about a 1-hour ride. By the time I got there, most vendors had to cover up their merchandise and close up early due to the rain. It was a nice solo trip to walk around and explore the city. I came across this park while listening to my music, and was just very content with the simplicity of my excursion. After wandering around the park, I came across nature’s stage and let my happiness take over and started dancing in the rain. It was nice to be my own company and explore regardless of the weather.


9. Birthday Adventures In Prague

Not many can say they rang in their 21st birthday like this. Towards the end of my European travels post study abroad, I was in Prague with two friends who were traveling around Europe with me.  My 21st birthday was spent visiting the Prague Castle, having lunch at the oldest Vineyard in Prague, and then wrapped up with a jazz boat river cruise at night, Accompanied by sunny weather and 2 of my friends/ awesome travel companions, it will sure be a tough one to beat!

8. Day Trip to Lucerne

A trip the picturesque Lucerne definitely made one of my top moments. We took a day trip to Lucerne from Zurich on a beautiful sunny May day. A day exploring the city in the sunshine stays in my memory as a happy adventurous spring day. 


7.Exploring Paris Solo

I stayed with family friends when I was in France and one day I spent exploring Paris on my own. I enjoyed walking around the city and taking it in at my leisure. I planned the day visiting sites I had not been to before that interested me. Paris is such a beautiful city to just wander around and explore and it was nice to rediscover it after visiting roughly 10 years before. 


6. Sound of Music Tour 

For Sound of Music fans, this is a no-brainer. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the Sound of Music. Seeing all of the key sites, singing the songs in the car with friends who were also fans was such a fun treat. The day also included a toboggan sled down a hill. How neat? 

Want to figure out what moments made my top 5? Check it out here:


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