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Why I Love to Travel

About Design to Five: Why I Love to Travel
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Jounal Excerpt: Reasons Why I Love to Travel & Why Travel is Important

Why I Love to Travel.

I am sitting here on the train listening to music and watching the train tracks blur past me as I am on the Metra heading home. Moments like these are on the list of many other reasons why I love to travel. Gliding past the scenery while my music creates a backdrop for my current scene. 

— I’d like to just stop and thank Chicago Metra and Daniel Caeser for the feels…

Even if it’s just a 45-minute train ride back to your parent’s place for the weekend, travel can be therapeutic: a remedy for the everyday routine.

A reset button. Unplug and recharge your internal battery. A change of pace, stride, direction, and outlook on life. We often get stuck and sucked into the dregs of the mundane every day and our obligations. Bills, groceries, rent or mortgage, paychecks, chores, and more,  get meshed in a tangled web. Tugging at your arm, winding up your limbs and wrapping around your ear whispering ‘you need to do this, you ought to do that. It’s this hissing set in the backdrop of every day.

Silence that. Put it on mute. Escape. Take a ‘brb’ and indulge. Release. 

This blog, Design to Five, is to acknowledge the every day, but also show you how to incorporate travel, adventures, and new experiences in your life. It is a tool to find out how to tailor travel to your interests and seek to gain more context and meaning in your travel.

I can’t wait to share this journey as we navigate through this crazy trip called life.

Stay tuned and see what trips, adventures I take by train, by foot, by car, by public trans, and by plane. 


Up next, visiting our friendly neighbors up north in Montreal, Canada. 


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