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Designer Spotlight: Atelier Cocotte

Designer Spotlight: Atelier Cocotte- Design to Five B;log- a travel based blog for culture, travel, and all things design
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 Atelier Cocotte

Local. Eco- Friendly. Handmade. 

During my visit to Montreal, I had the pleasure to meet and interview Isabelle Auger, owner of Atelier Cocotte in her studio. Isabelle started Atelier Cocotte about seven years ago. Atelier Cocotte has various eco-friendly handmade wood lamps, light fixtures, and wall clocks. Her pieces have appeared throughout Canada and the US. Cocotte means pinecone in French. Inspired by nature, her light fixtures relate to the origin of the material. The shapes of the light fixtures are inspired by fruit, nuts, flowers, and things found in woods. The light fixtures can be used in commercial and residential applications and have been used in offices, spas, restaurants, bars, boutiques, to lounges. The simplicity of the material and variety of shapes and fixtures allow her designs to be utilized in several applications. Her items can be found on her website ( and Etsy (AtelierCocotte) and a few retailers.

Check out the interview below.

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