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Simply Living: The Gift of Travel

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I’ve been trying to embrace living in the moment these days. So I decided to take a page out of my book. Well, out of my travel journal that is. Here is a writing excerpt from my journal about my visit to Portugal.

Writing Excerpt: My Journal

Portugal found it’s way to me in a bookshop in my neighborhood in the travel section. I scanned titles of countries and cities I’ve never been, waiting for a sign. A message.

I stopped at Portugal. “This”, I thought to myself, “This could work.” From then on, things aligned. The dates to go, the tickets, the sites.

This trip, this trip brought me home. Even though home was thousands of miles away, it brought me back to the state where my soul can thrive.

Senses heightened, eyes drenched in beautiful sites, ears pricked with unknown sounds, skin soaked with sun, bronzed and shimmering with discovery and humbleness. It is hard knowing that this will end.

Moments where you don’t know whether to laugh, cry, sing, smile, hurt. All you can do is stop. Be present. Feel these feelings, know they will fade with time. Be grateful for it now. This is why I capture these moments. These moments locked in time forever.


Don’t ever give up on those adventures. Keep exploring. Hope you find what makes your soul sing. Your heart swell. Feel it. Embrace it. Capture it. Cherish it. And Repeat.







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  • Lauren

    This is a beautiful lesson. Very inspiring.

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