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Travel Palette: Sagres Portugal Inspired Color Palette

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Coastal, Textured, and Mystical

Taking it to the coast and reminiscing about these stunning views. This week’s travel palette is inspired by this breathtaking vista at Fortaleza de Sagres in Sagres Portugal. In life, sometimes you have to live on the edge. In this case, on the southwesternmost edge of continental Europe! Read on to learn about this prime sunset-watching location, and how I created this Sagres Portugal inspired color palette. After that, learn how this scene inspired this palette and how you can bring these dynamic yet relaxing vibes into your project or space.

The travel palettes series was created to expand creative horizons and explore the correlation between travel, inspiration, colors, textures, and design.

  Sagres Portugal Inspired Color Palette Sagres Portugal Inspired Material & Finish Palette 

About Sagres, Portugal

Sagres Portugal - Beach & Cliffs
Pure Bliss Captured at Praia do Tonel

Oh, Sagres Portugal. Thinking about this day, I remember what it felt like to truly live in the moment and experience pure bliss. 

Sagres is located at the Southwest tip of Portugal in the Algarve region. Sagres’ rugged cliffside landscape meets an ocean with dynamic waves. Therefore, it is a perfect surfing destination. Not a surfer? You can hike along Sagres’ unique landscape and take in those cliffside views. What did I do during my visit? Well, explore the area, drink wine, soak in the views, and watch the stunning sunset.

The inspiration photo for this palette was taken at Fortaleza de Sagres. It dates back to the 15th-century when Henry the Navigator made orders to build a fort there. The fort protected Portugal’s Southernmost point, which was often targeted for raids from pirates.

Sagres Sunsets

This location is unique because you have an unobstructed view of the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean. Let me tell you, it is incredible. Sunset seekers, watching the sunset over the south-western point of Europe is definitely worth adding to your bucket list. 

If you are staying in the Algarve Region, which is the southern coastal region of Portugal, Sagres is a great option for a day trip or late afternoon/evening adventure. For example, Sagres is only a 35-minute drive from Lagos. You can time your visit to spend part of the afternoon exploring sites like Praia da Matera, Cabo de São Vincent, and Fortaleza de Sagres. After that, settle in to watch the sun cast its long rays and dip behind the horizon painting stunning colors across the sky. 

Need to see it to believe it? See scenes of Sagres and watch my sunset experience in my travel video: This is Portugal. I also created a Reel on Instagram (fancy me, who is she?) highlighting my adventures in Sagres.Sagres Portugal - ViewsFortaleza da SagresSagres Portugal - Portugal Sunset


Sagres Portugal Color Palette

This week’s travel palette is inspired by the rugged landscape and deep-sea blue views from Fortaleza de Sagres. The sandy tones and tans are sourced from the cliffside terrain. In the distance, the rocky cliffs showcase the mauve tones that are incorporated into the palette. These softer colors pair with a stunning and rich sea blue. The color combination might feel a bit unexpected, but there is a reason why it works. This color palette fundamentally is split complementary. Oh yes, we’re taking it back to color theory. The sandy tan is the base color, and the mauve color and deep blue are the coordinating colors that lie adjacent to the complement color.

The sources of each color are indicated below and then matched with a Pantone color. 


Sagres Portugal Color Palette Inspiration - Color Sourcing



Sagres Portugal Inspired Color Palette - PANTONE Colors



Sagres Portugal Inspired Color Palette - Material & Finish Palette
When crafting up this palette, I had terrain on the brain. I wanted to capture not only the colors of the cliffside and water, but the various textures as well. 

For example, the cork and the organic patterned upholstery represent the variation of texture and color in the tan-colored terrain. The quarry tile represents the mauve cliff rock, the blue tile represents the rippling water and vast ocean views. The solid and woven purple upholsteries represent the colors of the rock. In addition, these items help tie the palette together. 

All materials are described and linked below.    


Palette Materials

Cliffside Terrain: Large Scale Patterned Upholstery

 CF Stinson – Vapor – Sand Dune

The first item is this CF Stinson fabric, Vapor, in the color, Sand Dune. It is a large-scale striated pattern but it has an organic patina feel. As a result, the soft variation in colors and patinaed feel represents the sand and tan colors of the cliffside. This larger-scale pattern still feels natural and organic and reminds me of landscape terrain. 

CF Stinson - Vapor - Sand Dune - Neutral Striated Fabric
CF Stinson – Vapor – Sand Dune (Photo Source)
Distance Cliffs: Purple Quarry Tile

Design and Direct Source – Zephyr – Lilac

Next up is this quarry tile from Design and Direct Source. Quarry tile doesn’t have to be boring. Turn quarry to Hurr-ay (Don’t come at me for this. C’mon have a little fun). The tile picks up both purples in the palette. In addition, the tile variation resembles the texture of the stunning rock masses in the distance. 

Design and Direct Source - Zephyr - Lilac - Purple Quarry Tile
Design and Direct Source – Zephyr – Lilac (Photo Source)
Distant Cliffs: Purple Wool Upholstery

Camira – Blazer – Sheffield

Pairing with the cooler tones of the quarry tile is the Camira Blazer upholstery in the color Sheffield. Are you feeling the felt? Sheffield is a unique purple. In other words, this color is in that sweet spot of being colorful, yet muted. Camira Blazer is 100% wool. Wool has many natural benefits including natural flame-resistant properties. 

Camira – Blazer – Sheffield (Photo Source)




Distant Cliffs: Purple Upholstery

Camira – Blazer – Scottsdale

A mauve-lous addition to the palette is this fabric, Scottsdale, from the Camira Blazer collection. This pairs with the quarry tile and represents the top portion of the two-toned cliff in the inspiration image. The Blazer collection provides solid staples in a variety of colors and provides versatile solutions for many projects. 

Camira - Blazer - Sheffield - Purple Wool Felt Upholstery
Camira – Blazer – Sheffield (Photo Source)
Cliffs: Cork Upholstery 

Wolf Gordon – Cork – 4217

I added cork to the palette as a nod at the world’s top producer of cork: Portugal. This cork upholstery is from Wolf Gordon.  This also represents the aggregate texture and color variation of the terrain. It includes both sand and tan colors from the palette. Cork is environmentally friendly. It is sustainable because the trees don’t have to be cut down to harvest the cork. In addition, the bark takes only 9-10 years to regenerate, and harvesting the cork actually increases CO2 absorption! 

Wolf Gordon - Cork Upholstery - 4217 -
Wolf Gordon – Cork Upholstery – 4217 (Photo Source)
Cliffs: Purple Upholstery

Knoll Textiles – Alter Ego – Azalea

Next is this upholstery from Knoll. Alter Ego in the color Azalea nicely blends the two purples together in this woven textile. The pattern, Alter Ego, contains multiple colored yarns that create a more dimensional look and a heathered effect. This pairs nicely with the two solid upholsteries and quarry tile, further tying the palette together. 

Knoll - Alter Ego - Azalea Upholstery
Knoll – Alter Ego – Azalea (Photo Source)
Water: Blue Tile

B & F Ceramics Design Showroom – Trend – Blue

Finally, representing the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean is this tile from B&F ceramics. Trend in the color, Blue, has a subtle horizontal striation and color variation. It reminds me of the ripples and waves of the ocean and its varying depths. This bold blue is a statement and accent in the palette. 

B & F Ceramics Design Group - Trend - Blue - Deep Blue Ceramic Tile
B & F Ceramics Design Group – Trend – Blue (Photo Source)


I hope you enjoyed this Sagres Portugal inspired color palette! What is your favorite sunset watching place?  More travel palettes coming your way. 

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