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Color in Review: Urbane Bronze SW 7048 – Color of the Year 2021

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Rooted in Nature, Balanced Energy

Urbane Bronze: classic, moody, earthy. This savage paint color is Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze SW 7048. This color made its way to becoming Sherwin William’s color of the year for 2021. This Color in Review features the 2021 Color of the Year: Urbane Bronze, SW 7048. I took the time to learn from the experts to uncover the significance behind this year’s paint color.

Learn a bit about this paint color, what it evokes, and coordinating paint and decor. In Color in Review, I curate a collection of items from artisans based on a featured paint color. The color-curated collections on the blog are a great resource for inspiration. They provide a curated source for discovering artisans, small businesses, and unique products.

The Color in Review series explores color, inspiration, and decor from black-owned businesses.

In this post, I discuss what paint colors coordinate with Urbane Bronze SW 7048. Then, I share information about each product featured in this color-curated collection. Come check out these lovely items and support Black artists.

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Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze SW 7048 - Color of the Year 2021 Inspiration

Urbane Bronze SW 7048

Towards the end of last year, Sherwin Williams announced Urbane Bronze SW 7048 as the 2021 color of the year! At first, I was not impressed by this color. Once I learned more about the significance and meaning behind this color, I became on board.

Urbane Bronze has emerged as Sherwin Williams 2021 Color of the Year. This deep brown color is a notable neutral. This color is associated with nature and wellness. Urbane Bronze color is versatile and complements styles from Scandinavian to Maximalism. Urbane Bronze is part of Sherwin Williams 2021 Color Forecast. It is part of the Sanctuary Palette.

Urbane Bronze color evokes connection and grounded-ness. The color brown is often associated with family, nature, soil, and winter. This paint color is versatile in its application. Use it as an accent wall or to highlight architectural details and trim. Accentuate curves and angles in a space by painting them this rich color. Urbane Bronze can also be used as the main paint color for a bold, yet sophisticated statement. This bedroom install below features an accent wall with trim details. The effect is a bedroom that feels dynamic, yet tranquil and provides a sense of stability. 

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze SW 7042 - Bedroom - Color of the Year 2021 - Paint Color Bedroom
Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze SW 7042 (Photo Source)

Inspiration – Urbane Bronze

Urbane Bronze is rooted in nature. This earth tone is grounding and evokes balance. The color pairs well with warm neutrals for a clean and bright look. Creamy whites and mushroomy taupes also coordinate with Urbane Bronze. The colors of the earth in the image below inspired this color palette. Browns are a classic warm neutral. The sourced colors create a palette that is earthy, practical, and timeless.

The colors were sourced from the image and then paired with a Sherwin Williams color shown below. Check out more info in the Sherwin Williams post:  2021 Color of the Year: Urbane Bronze.

Urbane Bronze Color Palette - SW 7048

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Urbane Bronze SW 7048 – Bronze Decor

We are all looking for some level of groundedness, connection, and balance. What better way to infuse these values than to start with one’s surroundings. This curated collection feels…well, just right. Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze translates into a unified and balanced collection. It feels rooted and connects you to nature. The curated items have a unique cohesiveness. The items featured contain organic patterns and textures, and natural materials and elements. They are all unified with this rich brown color. The Urbane Bronze color is used in items as a statement piece or a complementary accent tying pieces together. It can also be subtly woven in as a colored accent.

All items below are from Black artisans and businesses. Keep scrolling to learn a bit about each product and links to each item. Check out the curated post on Instagram to see all the artist’s Instagram profiles linked.

Art Print: Love Mezay


Starting off this featured collection is this piece, Jungle, by Love Mezay, formerly known as Everyday Print Company. The deep browns ground this palette, creating the backdrop of the woman sitting on the ground. For a deeper connection to nature, the piece features leafy ferns in the background. The whole composition feels earthy, rooted, and connected to nature. Check out more prints on Mezay’s shop at the Love Mezay. Her artwork features earthy palettes, women, and natural elements. 

Everyday Print Company - Jungle - Woman Figure with Leaves
Image Source


Chair: Donald Nxumalo

Lerato Chair

Sometimes, you have to chair-ish moments and appreciate the environment around you. Yep, take a seat, we’re getting punny in here. The Lerato Chair designed by Donald Nxumalo features a classic silhouette with a rich velvet texture. The Lerato chair blends traditional and modern styles. Donald Nxumalo is a South African-based designer creating bespoke furniture. Check out more information on his offered services and furniture pieces here.

Dark Brown Velvet Transitional Chair

Image Source


Canvas Art: SBrown Art

Lost in Nature

This art piece is called Lost in Nature and I am getting lost in this painting! This piece is part of SBrownArt’s Landscape and Nature Series. I love the warm earthy colors, and how the play of mass and void helps create this composition. It feels like I am standing in a forest looking at different branches at different distances. The piece feels dynamic. Elements shift back and forth from being in the foreground to the background. Stacey’s intention of the piece is to capture the beauty of nature. Lost in Nature brings peace and calmness into the business of everyday life.

Abstract Canvas Art - Lost in Nature - Tree and Foliage with Earth Tones

Image Source


Woven Vase: Expedition Subsahara

Oba Woven Vase: Brown

The curated collection highlights nature which extends to the incorporation of natural materials. The Oba Woven Vase from Expedition Subsahara contains elephant grass. It is woven together with brown recycled plastic. This vase is ideal for showcasing plants, whether it is flowers or dried foliage as shown below. Expedition Subsahara has a variety of woven goods including baskets, placemats, and bowls. Their mission is to build a STEM school for girls in Senegal.
Oba Woven Basket - Brown - Expedition Subsahara

Image Source


Patterned Wallcovering: Mitchell Black

Kali in Mocha – Forbes & Masters

Liven up a wall with this wallcovering from Mitchell Black. The wallpaper features a variety of geometric shapes composed in an active pattern. Kali means “energy” in Swahili. Mitchell Black is a Chicago-based company featuring wallcovering, fabrics, and more. Atlanta-based interior design firm Forbes and Masters collaborated to create Kali in Mocha. Mitchell Black has a variety of wallpaper patterns and solutions. It is often known for its peel-and-stick wallpaper. Explore more unique patterns on Mitchell Black’s site.

Wallcovering - Dark Brown Geometric - Kali in Mocha

Image Source


Coaster: Modish Decor Pillows

The Natural Brown Coasters

Okay, we’re coasting through this post, but I have to take a moment to feature these coasters for Modish Decor! These costers are an agate marble gemstone. They are a stunner with the natural stone moment and accented gold edge. Modish Decor Pillows started in 2015 by Chantal Bradley. The site features pillows that are indeed Modish– contemporary, sleek, and trendy. Modish Decor Pillows also offers accent candles on their site.

Brown Coasters with Gold Trim - Natural Brown Coasters

 Image Source


Rug: 54 Kibo

Scrafitto Gold Carpet – 8’x10′

Rugs are a great way to incorporate rich colors and natural motifs. This rug, Scrafitto Gold Carpet, from 54 Kibo is made from Tibetan Wool and Bamboo Silk. The rug was designed by Marlene Barnett. A New York native and influential carpet designer specializing in bespoke carpet designs. This rug has a contemporary spin on African design. Check out more rug designs from Marlene Barnett on 54 Kibo.

Scrafitto Gold Carpet - 54 Kibo -African Design Rug/ Carpet

Image Source


Decorative Object: Anoiree

Astrid Orbit

Up next, this unique decorative piece is made of bronze with mosaic glass. The Astrid Orbit is definitely a decorative piece that is eye-catching. Anoiree is an online decor shop created by Tresha Armstrong. Tresha Armstong is known for her DIY projects at the blog, Do This Change That. She created Anoirre which complements her business: Noire Home Interiors. Learn more DIY info and Tresha’s offerings on her personal site.

Bronze Decorative Orbit

Image Source


Art Print: The Crafted Prints


Wrapping up this collection is this whimsical print from The Crafted Prints. This abstract ensemble showcase earthy colors and organic shapes accented with dots, and linework. The Crafted Prints started in 2019 by the duo Vanessa and Joshua. The shop features prints of illustrations made by Vanessa. They are all made print-to-order and made sustainably. With every sale, 10% goes to helping fight human trafficking.

The Crafted Prints - Abstract Art - Earth - Earthy Colors

Image Source


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What do you think of this year’s paint color? Let me know in the comments!


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