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Color in Review: Touch of Sand SW 9085 – Neutral Themed Decor

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A Touch of Sand and A Splash of Decor

Hey all, I am excited to introduce another segment on my blog called Color in Review. 

In Color in Review, I curate a collection of items from artisans based on a featured paint color. These selected items could be just what you were looking for to take a space to the next level, whether it is for home decor or interior design projects.

The items selected are from Black artists, creatives, and designers. As I continue to use this platform to find ways to celebrate artists and creative POC, I am looking forward to providing diverse and unique items for your various project needs. I find much more joy and satisfaction purchasing artwork or decor from an artist, small business, or an artisan I’ve discovered while traveling. It creates a much more meaningful and curated space rather than having something mass-produced from a large chain store. You do have power in your purchase. You can help support local and small businesses, support artisans, and even help improve and empower communities across the globe.

This color inspiration for this curated collection is based on Sherwin Williams Color of the Month for July: Touch of Sand SW 9085. 

In this post, I will discuss what paint colors coordinate with Touch of Sand SW 9085, and then I will share information about each product featured in this color curated collection. Let’s support Black artists, amplify melanated voices, and make our spaces look amazing. Now that’s what I call a win-win.

Touch of Sand SW 9085 Inspiration - Beach, Waves, Dunes  Neutral Color Themed Decor

Touch of Sand

Sherwin Williams’s color of the month for July was Touch of Sand SW 9085. Touch of Sand is a soft warm neutral color and its sandy shade can almost transport you to the beach (Oh the wanderlust is real). There’s nothin’ like a trusted neutral. Touch of Sand is included in the Sherwin Williams 2020 Colormix Forecast as part of the Alive Palette. As trends are shifting towards warmer neutrals, I think this color is the perfect launching point to help curate a warm and cozy interior. 

Sherwin Williams - Touch of Sand
Sherwin Williams – Touch of Sand (Photo Source)


Inspired by this sandy beach scene, here are some paint colors that coordinate with Touch of Sand. What better way to explore coordinating colors than to look at the queen of harmonious colors: Mother Nature. The light-reflective white, powdery blue skies, sandy beach, soft blue waters, and tan shadows make up the colors of this inspiration photo.  First, the colors were sourced from the image and then paired with a Sherwin Williams color below. You can check out more info and coordinating colors in Sherwin Williams July 2020 color of the month featured here.

Touch of Sand Color Palette Sherwin Williams Paint Colors - Touch of Sand 9085, High Reflective White

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Touch of Sand SW 9085 – Neutral Color Themed Decor

I can’t get enough of this curated collection! Sherwin Williams Touch of Sand color translates into a soft, soothing, warm, and inviting collection of items. All items below are from Black artisans and businesses. The info for each product is described and linked below. Check out my curated post on Instagram to find all the artists tagged to their Instagram.

Touch of Sand - Neutral Themed Decor - Curated Collection

Abstract Painting: Art by Dina D

Modern 24×36 Minimalist Canvas Painting 

Love this abstract painting. The soft creams, grays, and beiges create a soft and soothing piece of artwork. All Dina’s paintings are original and Dina focuses on minimal and abstract paintings using acrylic on canvas. Check out more abstract artwork and Art by Dina D on Etsy.Image Source

Wallpaper: Jungalow

Ayo Wallpaper in Gold by Justina Blakeney®

Add some rays into your space with this fun wallpaper from Jungalow designed by Jungalow founder, Justina Blakeney. Ayo means joy in Yoruba. The metallic elements in the wallcovering can’t help but bring you joy! Check out Jungalow for colorful goods from around the world. For every product purchased, two trees get planted!Image Source


Printed Art: Love Mezay


I have become a huge fan of the Everyday Print Company.  I love the simplicity of this palm leaf on this sandy background. Mezay, the founder, has a great collection of illustrations with figures as well. Check out more earthy warm-toned printed artwork at her shop.
Image Source


Woven Basket: Tackussanu Senegal

Dou Basket

Love this versatile basket. Baskets are a great way to add some beauty and function in a space by providing additional storage. The basket is handmade by artisan women in Senegal. This basket is sustainable and eco friendly; it is made with locally grown grass and recycled plastic strips. Image Source


Throw Blanket: Goode

Temps Throw – Textidors

Goode is a curated marketplace emphasizing ethical, sustainable products that help make a difference in communities. Cozy up with this throw from Goode made by Textidors. This throw is neutral heaven and is made of natural materials. A portion of the proceeds goes to marginalized communities Image Source


Spoon Rest: Post 21

Black Pepper Spoon Rest

Cook with style with these spoon rests from Post 21. I love the patterns created by the glazed and unglazed portions of the ceramic. Post 21 was formed by a mother and daughter and it is a marketplace focused on Black-owned business. Image Source


Rug: Bolé Road Textiles

Jugol Rug

This handwoven rug is from Ethiopia. Jugol is named after the old town in Harar in Ethiopia. The sandy color serves as the neutral backdrop and is paired with fun colorful patterns. Bolé Road has several textiles including beddings, pillows, curtains, and towels. The items speak to my love for the global modernism aesthetic. 

Image Source


Placemats: Expedition SubSahara

Ada Placemats: Set Of Two

Spice up your dining with these beautiful placemats from Expedition SubSahara. Not a placemat person? You can even use them as wall decor! The mission of Expedition SubSahara is to fund a STEM school for young girls in Senegal. The site has a variety of baskets, bowls, jewelry, and more! Image Source


Light Fixture: 54 Kibo

Woven Necklace Pendant Lighting – White

Looking for a light fixture with a statement? This sure is one. As you may tell from the name, African Necklaces inspired this fixture. Candace Lawrence, founder of Modern Gesture, designed this fixture. It is handmade and woven in South Africa. 54 Kibo showcases contemporary African design. They have a variety of decor and accessory items!

Image Source


Well, that wraps up the first Color in Review.  Hope you enjoyed reviewing Sherwin Williams Touch of Sand SW 9085 and neutral themed decor from Black artists. Stay tuned next month for another Color in Review and stay tuned for more posts highlighting artisans.

Do you have any other favorite artists and designers? Let me know in the comments!

Want to learn about more artists and color inspiration? Then check out my travel palette series. In a recent post, I interview muralist Andy Bellomo and created a color and material palette featuring mural “The Love I Vibrate”.


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