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Color In Review: Rock Candy SW 6231 – Gray Decor

Sherwin Williams Rock Candy SW 6231 -Inspiration - Ice, Frost
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Icy Grays, Fresh Neutral

We say goodbye to summer as we wrap up September with another Color in Review. This month, we are featuring Sherwin William’s September Color of the Month: Rock Candy SW 6231 and gray decor. In Color in Review, I curate a collection of items from artisans based on a featured paint color. Color in Review may provide you that unique decor solution from black-owned businesses. 

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This series highlights Black artists, creatives, and designers. Take a look to discover items from talented individuals and find some cool items to enhance your space and various projects!

In this post, I first discuss what paint colors coordinate with Rock Candy SW 6231. Then I share information about each product featured in this color curated collection. Come check out these lovely items and support Black artists. 

  Sherwin Williams Rock Candy SW 6231 -Inspiration - Ice, Frost   Light Gray Curated Collection - Home Decor Rock Candy - SW 6231

Rock Candy SW 6231

Sherwin William’s September color of the month is Rock Candy SW 6231. Rock Candy is included in the Sherwin Williams 2020 Colormix Forecast as part of the Play Palette. Rocky candy is an icy gray-white color. It can read as off-white or light gray depending on a room’s lighting and characteristics. This neutral paint color is great to help create a light and airy space. It pairs nicely with contrasting darker neutrals as well as fun pops of colors, as shown below. 

Sherwin Williams - Color of the Month - Rock Candy SW 6231
Sherwin Williams – Rock Candy SW 6231 (Photo Source)

Inspiration – Rock Candy

Icy moods and gray-green hues. Inspired by this cool image of melting ice, here are some coordinating paint colors to Rock Candy. (Am I subconsciously preparing for the winter with this image? I don’t know.) The color is light, neutral, and leans towards the cooler side. It pairs nicely with the deeper grays and greens. The colors were sourced from the image and then paired with a Sherwin Williams color shown below.  You can check out more info and coordinating colors in Sherwin Williams September 2020 color of the month featured here.

This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

Rock Candy SW 6231 – Gray Decor

Hello soft hues and restful vibes. Sherwin Williams Rock Candy color translates into a tranquil, calming, and refreshing collection. All items below are from Black artisans and businesses. Information for each product is described and linked below. Check out the curated post on Instagram to see all the artist’s Instagram profiles linked.Light Gray Curated Collection - Home Decor Rock Candy - SW 6231


Art Poster: Lanre Studio

“Jazz Quintet”

Kicking off the curated collection is this playful artwork from Lanre Studio. This piece “Jazz Quintet” has a pop-art cubism style. I love the variety of shapes and neutral shades of the background. This creates a backdrop and contrasts with the more vibrant tones and patterns of the featured musicians. The piece showcases musicians playing jazz at a festival. Lanre studio has prints of places, people, animals, unique clocks, and more. All items have a similar pop-art cubism style. Check out more interesting items on the Etsy shop.

Modern Pop Artwork - New Orleans Jazz
Image Source


Napkins: Domain by Laura Hodges Studio

Grey Striped Napkins, Set of 4

Dress up your place settings with this set of napkins from Domain. These napkins are 100% cotton and contain 62% recycled material. Domain sells curated items that are locally and globally sourced. The shop features fair trade and sustainable home decor. Domain is the shop extension of Laura Hodges Studio – a Boutique Interior Design firm in the Baltimore/DC area.  Check out more home decor, gifts, and accessories on their website.
Striped table napkins
 Image Source


Wallpaper: Mitchell Black

Don’t Be Koi – Whale Wallpaper

Add some pattern to your space with this wallpaper from Mitchell Black. Don’t be intimidated by this wallpaper. This wallpaper is a peel and stick! You won’t have to worry about messy glues during the application. The product is like a giant sticker (bless up). The pattern, Don’t Be Koi, in the color, Whale, has a tonal contrast. It is a nice option for those who want to try some pattern, but are wary to commit to a bold style on the walls. Mitchell Black is a Chicago based business (Chi-Town represent) founded by Lynai Jones. They create commercial and residential wallcovering solutions.
Grey and White wall covering
Image Source


Patterned Throw Pillow: Ulli Home

Modern Minimalist Pillow – Line Art Print Pillow

Let’s face it (pun obviously intended). This pillow from Ulli home is fun, minimal, and playful. Ulli home has a slew of pillow covers in various colors. Looking for coordinating pillows? No problem. Ulli home has pillows listed on their site as mini collections. You won’t have to figure out if you can find the perfect pillow pairing. They do it for you! Check out coordinating pillows to this one here

Light Gray Face Linework - Pillow Cover
Image Source


Ceramic Vessels: Tracie Hervy

Light Gray Vessels

Another decor piece on the list is ceramic from Tracie Hervy. These vessels pictured below are for one of the retailers that sell Tracie’s products. Use it as a bowl, a planter, a display item, etc. There are lots of possibilities!  Tracie Hervy’s pottery is sold at several locations throughout the US. A list of retailers can be found here

Light Gray Ceramics
Image Source


Throw Blanket: Johanna Howard Home

Chilmark Throw – Shore

Throw in some pattern and contrasting hues with this throw from Johanna Howard Home. The color Shore has a nautical vibe with its contrasting stripe. Johanna Howard Home has textiles including throws, pillows, scarves, and more. She collaborates with artisans around the world to create well-crafted items meant for the home. Her items are sold at local retailers around the US. Check here to see if her items are sold at a place near you.

White and Grey Throw Blanket
Image Source


Printed Artwork: Diane Hill Design

Lulu Giclée Print

This handpainted piece of art was made into a print. The piece was inspired by Chinese wallpapers from the 18th century. The variety in shades of gray creates a delicate and soft ensemble. Bring some monochrome into your home. The nature imagery and soft-shaded tones help create a relaxing and soothing space. Diane is a London based designer that creates Chinoiserie chic artwork. Check out more items on her site! Light Grey Printed Artwork - Bird and Branches
Image Source


Serveware: BAUGHaus Design Studio

Fan Palm Tapas Slab

Serve up your food with style. This palm servery set is from BAUGHaus Design Studio. The porcelain platter texture and shape is from a mold of an actual palm leaf. BAUGHaus is based in Kingston Jamaica and provides porcelain tableware. Dana, an interior designer, product designer, and merchandiser, turned her passion and side business into what BAUGHaus is today. Check out more tableware on their website

Palm Ceramic Serveware

 Image Source


Planter: Tal and Bert

Lepidolite Geometric Planter

I’m loving these planters from Tal and Bert.  This geode planter is made from concrete, raw lepidolite, and accented with liquid gold. This conceptual play of form and reveal is so gorgeous. The couple Ray and Val Talbert founded the company. They are inspired by the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, which is finding beauty in imperfections. Check out their site for more planters and vessels that pair concrete and raw natural minerals. 

Concrete and Geode Geometric Planter
Image Source


Well, that completes another Color In Review!  Hope you enjoyed reviewing Sherwin Williams Rock Candy SW 6231 and gray decor from Black artists. Stay tuned next month for another Color in Review and look out for more posts highlighting artisans! 

Do you have any other favorite artists or designers? Let me know in the comments!

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See ya next week!

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