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Color In Review: Perle Noir SW 9154 – Black Decor

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Charcoal Tones, Sophisticated Contrast

Hey all, we’re back with another month of Color in Review. For this month, we are featuring Sherwin William’s August Color of the Month: Perle Noir SW 9154 and showcasing a curated collection of charcoal and black colored decor.

In Color in Review, I curate a collection of items from artisans based on a featured paint color. Is your space or project missing those final touches? Are you looking for some ways on how to take your space to the next level? Keep on reading. Haven’t viewed last month’s post yet? You can check it out the Touch of Sand curated collection here.

This series highlights Black artists, creatives, and designers. Take a look to discover items from talented individuals and find some cool items to enhance your space and various projects!

In this post, I will discuss what paint colors coordinate with Perle Noir SW 9154, and then I will share information about each product featured in this color curated collection. Come check out these stunning items and support Black artists. 

   Sherwin Williams - Perle Noir SW 9154 - Charcoal Black Inspiration  Perle Noir - Curated Collection - Charcoal Home Decor

Perle Noir

Sherwin Williams’s color of the month for August is Perle Noir SW 9154. Perle Noir is a rich charcoal color.  Perle Noir is included in the Sherwin Williams 2020 Colormix Forecast as part of the Haven Palette. This color is a nice paint choice if you are looking to add some drama to a space with some sophistication. Apply it as a feature accent wall or paint it above wainscoting for dramatic contrast for an edgy yet classy look. This dark color nicely pairs with light cream colors, simple geometric shapes, and clean lines. Those characteristics can be explored in the curated collection discussed below!

Sherwin Williams Perle Noir – August Color of the Month (Photo Source)



We’re going back to basics. Back to neutrals that is. Inspired by this moody image, here are some paint colors that coordinate with Perle Noir.  Perle Noir pairs nicely with different warmer and cooler colored neutrals. The colors in this palette were inspired by the milky white skies, tan colors of the lighthouse, and the taupe and charcoal colors of the rocky earth. The colors were sourced from the image and then paired with a Sherwin Williams color shown below.  You can check out more info and coordinating colors in Sherwin Williams August 2020 color of the month featured here.

Perle Noir SW 9154 Inspiration and Color Palette Sherwin Williams Paint Palette - Perle Noir SW 9154

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Perle Noir SW 9154 – Black Decor

Bring in the depth, dimension, and drama! Sherwin Williams Perle Noir color translates into a bold, defined, and sophisticated collection of items. All items below are from Black artisans and businesses. The info for each product is described and linked below. Check out my curated post on Instagram to find all the artists tagged to their Instagram.

Curated Home Decor - Perle Noir - Charcoal Black Decor


Abstract Canvas Art: Art By Monday

“How Long Have You Been Here”

Loving this stunning composition from Art By Monday. This piece, “How Long Have You Been Here” contains beautiful monochromatic contours with accents of rich blue. The artist, Stacie Monday, notes her art highlights the beauty of African and African-American Women and through her work, she aims to deconstruct stereotypes about black women. Check out more of her work on her website at

 “I am on a journey of discovering my roots. I want to know who my ancestors were and where they lived, their stories and their journeys. This artwork uses pieces of a map to demonstrate my search, and it illustrates the way we have a missing piece due to our history being erased.”
– Stacie Monday, Art by Monday

ArtbyMonday- Canvas Art - Black ArtistImage Source


Coasters: MadebyRheal

Charcoal Hexagon Concrete Coaster with Gold

Protect your furniture and add some style to your space with these coasters from Rheal. These are hand-poured concrete coasters with gold leaf accents. Check out more concrete home decor, including trays, pots,  holders, and more on the shop, MadeByRheal.MadebyRheal - Charcoal Concrete Coasters Image Source


Printed Art: Lou Lou Art Studio

Black White Prints

This abstract print from Lou Lou Art Studio brings the abstract and watercolor aesthetic to a new level! Gemma creates printable art on her Etsy site. Check out her fun printable people art for more items! She also creates custom family portraits that look like they are made out of cut paper and they are simply adorable!LouLouArtStudio - Black Splatter Abstract Print Image Source


Mirror: Candice Luter Art+Home

Half-Circle Fringe Mirror: “Aria-Duet” (Medium)

Stare at your reflection with style. Upgrade your mirror with this lovely mirror from Candice Luter Art+Home. This Macrame mirror will sure make a statement in your home! Candace Luter has a variety of fiber art decor pieces that may bring that boho vibe you’ve been for looking into your home. Boho to your Bo-home…. yeah, I’ll keep working on that. 

Shopcandaceluter - Half Mirror - Black Fringe
Image Source


Wall Hanging: Studio Nom

Geo BW 01 Wallhanging

These wallhangings from Studio Nom are total eye candy. I appreciate the simplicity of the shapes, the contrast of the fibers, the patterns created by the woven fibers, and the natural wood tones…*Chef’s Kiss*. Nom was born in Swaziland and grew up in the Netherlands. Her collection is quite versatile. You can also customize your own with hanging configuration. At Nom Studio, you can purchase a variety of woven patterns that are just the circular part of the wallhanging.  You can find them here. More info on her website at https://studionom.nlStudio Nom - Wallhanging - Macrame Image Source


Memo Board: The Heart Department Co

Small Round Memo Board

Get with the memo (yes I am proud of that) with this stylish and minimal memo board from The Heart Department Co.  Let’s talk about those details. The board has that beautiful light wood grain,  paired with the contrasting black paint, and is complete with a leather hanging strap. This memo board is a creative way to display photos, a calendar, art, card, you name it!  Check out more handcrafted wooden display items on Tanalee’s Etsy shop!

The Heart Department Co - Small Memo Board - Black and WoodImage Source


Planter: SampleHAUS

Small Cache Pots

Plant lovers unite. Give your plants a stylish home with these adorable planters from SampleHAUS. SampleHAUS upcycles interior design waste and discontinued marketing samples into unique home decor. Check out Diana’s variety of planters including some unique fabric embellished planters made from upcycled fabric.Image Source


Pillows: AisheaHOME

Light Brown Bogolan Fabric Cushion

Yes please to patterned pillows. This fabric was handwoven in Mali, West Africa. Bogolan means made of ‘mud or mud cloth’ in Bambara, which is the main language in Mali. Check out Aishea Home for pillows, blankets, fabrics, and wall decor that contains other beautiful mud cloth fabric.  

Aishea Home - Pillow
 Image Source


Shelves: The Crafty Swirl

Duo Two-Tone Shelf

Storage with some style. Shelf envy is real. These handmade hanging wall shelves are from The Crafty Swirl. They are clean-lined and simple but still make a statement. Check out their other storage shelving configurations featuring two-toned designs!

Image Source


That completes another Color In Review!  Hope you enjoyed reviewing Sherwin Williams Perle Noir SW 9154 charcoal black decor from Black artists. Stay tuned next month for another Color in Review and stay tuned for more posts highlighting artisans.

Do you have any other favorite artists and designers? Let me know in the comments!

Check out last month’s post for this sandy colored palette: Color in Review: Touch of Sand SW 9085 – Neutral Themed Decor


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