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Color in Review: Mystical Shade SW 6276 – Gray Decor

Mystical Shade SW 6276 - Inspiration Collage - Moon, Foggy Forest, Hazy Mountains, Misty Dock
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Ethereal Energy, Soft Shadows

Halloween hits different this year. That’s for sure. Channeling some spooky vibes with this inspiration for October’s color: Mystical Shade. This month, we are featuring Sherwin William’s color of the month for October: Mystical Shade SW 6276. In Color in Review, I curate a collection of items from artisans based on a featured paint color. Need to spruce up your space or need color inspiration? This series is made to inspire you to discover new color palettes and decor inspiration while showcasing items from black-owned businesses. 

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In this post, I first discuss what paint colors coordinate with Mystical Shade SW 6276. Then I share information about each product featured in this color curated collection. Come check out these lovely items and support Black artists. 

  Mystical Shade SW 6276 - Inspiration Collage - Moon, Foggy Forest, Hazy Mountains, Misty Dock 

Mystical Shade SW 6276

Sherwin Williams selected Mystical Shade SW 6276 for October’s color of the month. Mystical Shade is part of Sherwin William’s 2020 Color Forecast and it is part of the Mantra collection. Mystical Shade is a warm purple-gray paint color. This paint’s soft shade and unique coloring make it perfect for a space that’s intended for relaxing and unwinding, like a bathroom, bedroom, or wellness room. This color pairs nicely with warm earthy hues like tan and terra cotta. Below is a living space featuring Mystical Shade on the walls. The color is paired with a sandy-colored ceiling and highlighted with warmer copper accents in the pillows, artwork, and decor accents. 

Modern Living Room - Paint Mystical Shade
Sherwin Williams – Mystical Shade SW 6276 (Photo Source)

Inspiration – Mystical Shade

It’s Spooky Season!  Mystical Shade subtly brings out those spooky vibes. There’s something about the color (and the name). It’s eerie, mysterious, magical, and alluring. Inspired by this image of this dockside sunrise, here are some colors that coordinate with Mystical Shade. The smoky-purple Mystical Shade color pairs nicely with cream, blue-gray, peachy tan, and charcoal colors. 

 The colors were sourced from the image and then paired with a Sherwin Williams color shown below.  You can check out more info and coordinating colors in Sherwin Williams October 2020 color of the month featured here.

Misty Dock Sunrise - Mystical Shade Color Inspiration Sherwin Williams Mystical Shade SW 6276 Color Palette -

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Mystical Shade SW 6276 – Gray Decor

Hello soft hues and restful vibes. Sherwin Williams Mystical Shade color translates into an inviting, soothing, and soft curated collection. All items below are from Black artisans and businesses. Keep scrolling to learn a bit about each product and links to each item. Check out the curated post on Instagram to see all the artist’s Instagram profiles linked.


Downloadable Print: Modern Sage Design

Abstract African Art

Starting off this curated palette is this downloadable print from Modern Sage Design. Modern Sage Design was created by Ashley, who is based in St. Louis. Modern Sage Design has a variety of downloadable prints, including unique linework and quote prints. Her items include modern and abstract colors in a soft earthy color palette. Check out more items on the Etsy shop.

Image Source


Rug: Jungalow

Hallu Sunrise Mist Rug by Justina Blakeney x Loloi

I came across this rug from Jungalow and did a double-take. Am I on the same wavelength as Justina? This rug captures the lovely colors from my dockside inspired color palette.  This 100% wool rug was designed by Justina Blakeney, founder of Jungalow. Jungalow is a prime destination for all things boho. Jungalow is also sustainably conscious. In addition to being mindful of their product creation and shipping, they plant two trees for every product purchased. So far, they have planted over 45,000 trees! Boho-lovers, be sure to check out their site

Jungalow - Hallu Sunrise Mist RugImage Source


Print: Godly Gorgeous

Know Your Worth

Godly Gorgeous’s print couldn’t have said it any better. Know your WORTH and then add TAX. Don’t forget. Get this positive affirming print for yourself. It’s perfect for helping decorate a home office environment. Andrea George, the owner of Godly Gorgeous, is based in Oklahoma City. The Etsy shop not only has a variety of prints, but also apparel, notepads, and greeting cards. Check out the shop here

Image Source


Macrame Wall Hanging: Eco Vibe

Hand-Woven Wool Blend Macrame Wall Hanger

Being environmentally conscious and stylish is a vibe. A major vibe. This macrame wall hanging from Eco Vibe is handmade out of wool. Eco Vibe was created in 2010 by the couple Leonard and Andrea Allen. In addition to their online store, they have a shop in Portland, Oregon! They focus on sourcing products that are sustainable, ethical, and environmentally focused. Eco Vibe supports small makers and manufacturers, local designers, women, minority, and family-owned businesses. Looking for some unique planters and home accents? Eco Vibe fits the vibe check.

Image Source


Handwoven Baskets: Goode

Tambo Basket – Piedra

A classic storage solution, but a Goode (Eh, see what I did there?). This Tambo Basket in the color Piedra has a stunning subtle color variation. This two-toned basket has handles that make it extra functional. Goode was founded by Byron and Dexter Peart.  They formed a marketplace for sustainably crafted products that help benefit communities around the world. The basket is made by Makaua in Mexico. Items purchased by Makaua help support marginalized communities, community engagement, gender advocacy, and more. Check out more items from different artisans around the world on their site.  

Image Source


Accent Pillow: Dex and Bodie

The Beck Shag Pillow

This pillow is shag-tastic. This pillow is from Dex and Bodie. The Beck Shag pillow has shag wool and is made sustainably. This pillow’s neutral colors and organic and abstract patterns make it a perfect statement. Check out more unique sustainable and ethically made items on the shop’s website.

Image Source


Printed Artwork: Walker Noble Studios


Loving the composition of colors, layers, and shades in this print from Walker Noble Studios. The print, Paradise, is one of the linework pieces that they have, but they have a vast collection of desert-inspired art and landscape art in addition to their linework art.  I love their earthy and muted color palette. Designers, they also do commercial and large scale projects! If you’re looking for some unique art to polish off your products, hit them up.
Image Source


Woven Bowl: Tackussanu Senegal

Fele Bowl Block Print

Looking for a bowl-d statement for your space? (Whew bare with me). Then look no further than this Fele Bowl from Tackussanu Senegal. The baskets are sustainably made in rural areas of Senegal with local grass and recycled plastic strips. Use it to showcase your fruit, provide a home for various items, or use it solely for display!

 Image Source


Art Print: Sacree Frangine

Ready for Monday

Wrapping up this post is this print from Sacree Frangine. You may recognize some of their artwork on Instagram relating to the Black Lives Matter movement. Sacree Fragine is owned by the duo Célia Amroune and Aline Kpade. Their unique minimalist and abstract aesthetic works with the composition of shapes, colors, and figures. See their lovely diverse collection of art in their shop

Image Source


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Do you have any other favorite artists or designers? Let me know in the comments!

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