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Color in Review: Canyon Clay SW 6054 – Terracotta Decor

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Grounded Elements, Down to Earth

It is time to wrap up the fall feels and say ‘see you later’ to November. We also have to take a moment to say hello to Canyon Clay SW 6054 for this month’s Color in Review. Autumn energy is not complete without some earthy fall tones. This month, Sherwin Williams gave us just that. Sherwin William’s color of the month for November is Canyon Clay SW 6054. In Color in Review, I curate a collection of items from artisans based on a featured paint color.

We are nearing the holiday season. The color curated collections on the blog are a great source of inspiration for home and decor gifts. The Color in Review series explores color, inspiration, and decor from black-owned businesses.

In this post, I first discuss what paint colors coordinate with Canyon Clay SW 6054. Then, I share information about each product featured in this color curated collection. Come check out these lovely items and support Black artists.

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Sherwin Williams - Canyon Clay SW 6054- Canyons Earthy Clay Rock Inspiration  Clay & Terracotta Home Decor - Canyon Clay SW 6054 - Curated Collection.

Canyon Clay SW 6054

Sherwin Williams announced Canyon Clay SW 6054 for November’s Color of the Month. Canyon Clay is part of Sherwin William’s 2020 Color Forecast and it is a part of the Alive collection. I’ve been crushing over earthy terracottas for a while. I’m so glad to feature some earth tones up in here! Canyon Clay is a rich terracotta color with deep blush pinky-red undertones. I dare you to find a better way to describe it. This color pairs with warm grays, sandy neutrals, and deep bronzes. The color also pairs with other earthy tones, like deep olives, and navy blues. This color is great for gathering and dining spaces.

The Canyon Clay color evokes warmth, energy, and connection. A great application example is this restaurant. The interior features soft natural wood tones, taupes, and creamy whites. These elements complement the Canyon Clay paint color. Furthermore, they tie this look together by creating a balanced composition.

Sherwin Williams - Canyon Clay SW 6054- Inspiraiton - Restaurant
Sherwin Williams – Canyon Clay SW 6054 (Photo Source)

Inspiration – Canyon Clay

Nature-inspired and very admired! The design industry has been trending clays for days and I am here for it. This picturesque image of Horseshoe Bend inspired a color-coordinated color palette. Here are some colors that coordinate with Canyon Clay. The deep clay color pairs nicely with blush tans, mauve, coral-clays, and deep blues.

The colors were sourced from the image and then paired with a Sherwin Williams color shown below. Check out more info in Sherwin Williams November 2020 color of the month featured here.

Canyon - Inspiration Color Palette - Canyon Clay SW 6054

Color Palette - Canyon Clay SW 6054

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Canyon Clay SW 6054 – Terracotta Decor

This curated collection feels, dare I say, down to earth. Sherwin Williams Canyon Clay translates into a warm, inviting, and earthy curated collection. The curated items include natural materials, landscape scenes, and organic shapes. All items below are from Black artisans and businesses. Keep scrolling to learn a bit about each product and links to each item. Check out the curated post on Instagram to see all the artist’s Instagram profiles linked.

Clay & Terracotta Home Decor - Canyon Clay SW 6054 - Curated Collection.

Painting: A is for Avery

Mocha Brown Squiggle Painting

First up is this piece of art from A is for Avery. This work is acrylic paint on paper. This squiggle painting is whimsical. The piece contains subtle varying shades of earthy browns. A is for Avery’s shop on Etsy has a variety of paintings and artwork and it also has fun clay earrings! Check out other color thematic works of art and playful color combinations on the Etsy shop.

Artwork: Acrylic on Paper Brown Squiggle - A is for Avery
Image Source


Coaster: TNT Goods

Sparkling Toffee Coasters

Continuing this curated collection are these sparkling toffee coasters from TNT Goods. TNT Goods was started by two besties, Jessica and Simone! Talk about bestie goals. TNT is based out of Nashville, Tennesse. The shop has a variety of accessories and custom home decor including coasters and trays. The buttercup detailing of these coasters is too adorable. Add a unique home accent to your home. Your wood furniture will thank you.
Brown Coasters - TNT - Coffee

Image Source


Art Print: MKoby Art

Alone Time

Remember those kid TV shows where you could transport into the artwork? Blues Clues Fans, looking at you. Well, I wish I could do that with this print. The woman floating in the water with the beautiful rolling hills/mountain backdrop is a MOOD. Melissa, the founder of MKoby Art, is based out of Tampa, Florida. MKoby has a collection of gorgeous Earth-toned prints featuring figures, landscapes, and nature. The print’s colors pick up on the inspiration color palette and feature a splash of Canyon Clay. Check out more items on the Etsy shop!

Printer Art - Minimal - Alone Time - Water with MountainsImage Source


Candle Holder: Effortless Composition

Pink Marble Candle Holder

Can you hold it together with this candle holder? (I truly have fun making up these wordplays.) The pink marble, the shape, the gold accent… *Chef’s Kiss*. Effortless Composition was founded by Brittiny. Brittiny had the vision. You should be able to invest in good quality handmade pieces without it being a treasure hunt. Effortless Composition partners with local artisans and communities in Los Angeles. It helps support talent and brings inspiration to the inner-city communities of Los Angeles.

Pink Marble Candle Holder - Stone Decor - Effortless CompositionImage Source


Art Print: Wyld Frontier Design Co.

Maya Square Fine-Art Print

Nature’s canyons and rocky landscape translate into an abstract form. Wyld Frontier Design Co features beautiful abstract prints. This art print’s original was created with alcohol ink. The scene blends burnt oranges, purples, and coral colors. The piece’s composition showcases a beautiful mountain and landscape scene. The nature scenes are quite captivating and soothing to the eye!Print - Abstract Water Color - Terracotta - Wyld Fronteir

Image Source


Pillow: Effortless Composition

Cocoa Pillow

I couldn’t help but add this pillow to the curated palette. It is another item from Effortless Composition. The Cocoa Pillow has a unique print and earthy color combination. This results in it being a bit of a style chameleon. This shop has what you need to make your place appear, yes, as an effortless composition. Want some more home decor and accessory gift ideas? Check out their gift guide.


 Pillow Print - TerracottaImage Source


Tapestry: K-apostrophe

Topographic 2 – Woven Tapestry

This tapestry showcases the deep blue and terracotta color combination from the inspiration palette. Topographic 2 Tapestry originated from a drawing created in Big Bear California. The wooden dowel and leather straps add that extra level of detail. K’era founded K-apostrophe. K’era is a Los Angeles based mixed media artist with a background in textile design. The shop features tapestries, throw blankets, pillows, and more on her site.Tapestry Woven - Abstract Art - K-Apostrophe Image Source


Clay Bowl: Pottery by Osa

Carved Bowl

I could not feature Canyon Clay as a paint color without featuring an item with clay material. This carved bowl is from Pottery by Osa. Osa Atoe uses red stoneware clay (also known as terracotta) for her pottery. Osa’s work often includes portions unstamped, unglazed, or carved with geometric patterns. Her work expresses multiculturalism and human universality. Osa’s shop is updated monthly so be sure to stay in the loop! 
Carved Bowl - Pottery - Pottery by Osa

Image Source


Art Print: Love Mezay


To round out this curated palette is this print from Love Mezay, formerly known as The Everyday Print Company. This minimalist print showcases a simple rainbow in the terracotta color. Mezay Ugbo, a Nigerian-Indian artist based in India, created the Everyday Print Co. The shop showcases printed art featuring women, objects, and nature in neutral colors.

Print - Terracotta Rainbow - Rainbow - Everyday Print CoImage Source


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Do you have any other favorite artists or designers? Let me know in the comments!

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