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Color in Review: Aleutian SW 6241 – Blue Decor

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Enchanting Charm, Simple Serenity  

We say goodbye to the February Feels with another Color in Review. This month, we’re leaning into the cool hues of winter and featuring Aleutian SW 6241. Aleutian is Sherwin Williams Color of the Month for February 2022. This cool and calming wintry blue evokes a sense of quietness and soft simplicity. 

Are you a color lover? You’re in luck. Color in Review features trending paint colors, inspirational color palettes, and color-curated collections. We’ll be reviewing colors all year long.
Featured products are from black-owned businesses. Use this curated resource for discovering artisans, small businesses, and unique products. 

In this post, I first discuss what paint colors coordinate with Aleutian SW 6241. Then, I share information about each product featured in this color-curated collection. 

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Sherwin Williams Aleutian SW 6241 - Color in Review Inspiration - blue building hidden behind fog, blue haze of mountain, blue hydrangea, and blue subway platform    Aleutian SW 6241 curated blue decor collection including planters, wall hangings, art prints, and pillows   

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Aleutian SW 6241

Aleutian is soothing yet playful. Aleutian SW 6241 is part of Sherwin William’s 2022 Color Forecast in the Opus collection. This color is a soft blue with a touch of gray and warm undertones. The color is excellent to use in spaces meant to be calming and relaxing, like bathrooms and living rooms. The color blue also creates a feeling of safety and trustworthiness. These feelings are beneficial for commercial applications like offices and waiting rooms.

The dining room below features the Aleutian paint color on all the walls. The effect is an inviting yet relaxed environment to gather. Enhancing the room is furniture and decor that highlight natural materials, layered textures, and curated artwork. These create a blend of bohemian and modern styles. 

Sherwin Williams Aleutian SW 6241 - Blue Dining Room
Sherwin Williams – Aleutian SW 6241 (Photo Source)

Inspiration – Aleutian SW 6241

This relaxing hue of Aleutian blue is celebrated in a soothing monochromatic palette. This photograph of this building on a foggy day was the source of inspiration. This tonal palette showcases light soft blues to deep shadowy blues. This monochromatic blend creates a sense of stability and security. For more coordinating colors, check out Sherwin Williams Opus Collection.  

The colors were sourced from the image and then paired with a Sherwin Williams color below. Check out more info about Sherwin Williams February 2022 Color of the month here.

Sherwin Williams Aleutian SW 6241 - Color Palette Blue Paint

Sherwin Williams Aleutian SW 6241 - Color Palette Blue Paint

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Aleutian SW 6241- Blue Decor

Sherwin Williams Aleutian translates into a serene and soothing palette. The collection features layered graphics, repetitive motifs, and organic shapes. All items below are from Black artisans and businesses. Keep scrolling to learn about each product and links to each item. Check out the curated post on Instagram to see all the artist’s Instagram profiles linked.

Aleutian SW 6241 curated blue decor collection including planters, wall hangings, art prints, and pillows


Abstract Art: Art by Dina D

Fine Art Paper – Abstract Minimal Modern Art

Starting off this collection is this print from Art by Dina D. The unique piece has varying shades of blue layered with dynamic angled lines. Dina D has a variety of modern-based art pieces and prints on her Etsy shop. I’ve also had the privilege of interviewing her as part of my Designer Spotlight Series. You can check out the interview here.

Image Source


Pillow: Bolé Road Textiles

Amaro Pillow – Mist

Up next is this statement pillow from Bolé Road Textiles. The textured landscapes of Ethiopia inspired the Amaro Pillow. The band of colors and intricate woven patterns make this pillow a true statement! All Bolé Road Textiles pieces are handwoven in Ethiopia. Besides pillows, their textile offerings include rugs, towels, curtains, wall hangings, and more.

Image Source


Planters: Eco Vibe Style

Blue Haze Pot & Saucer

No doubt these planters fit the vibe. I love this glazing effect on the Blue Haze Pot and Saucer from Eco Vibe. This look reminds me of the hazy blue mountain photo featured in the inspiration graphics. Eco Vibe focuses on sourcing sustainable and ethical products without sacrificing style. The couple, Leonard and Andrea Allen’s, shop is in Portland. Eco Vibe supports women, minorities, family-owned businesses, and small makers and manufacturers.

Image Source


Art Print: Mkoby Art

River (Desert Series 3)

The winding river in the illustrated scene picks up the Aleutian blue hue. I really like how the winding blue river contrasts against the earthy desert backdrop. Melissa, the founder of MKoby Art, is based out of Tampa, Florida. MKoby has a collection of gorgeous Earth-toned prints featuring figures, landscapes, and nature. Check out more items on the Etsy shop!

Image Source


Patterned Wallcovering: Eva Sonaike

Ala Indigo Wallpaper

One way to add interest to a space is with a statement wallcovering. This patterned wallcovering from Eva Sonaike does just that. Mid-century architecture in West Africa inspired the Ala Indigo Wallpaper’s pattern. Eva Sonaike, based in London, is known for her bold and geometric prints. To check out other wallcoverings, as well as textiles, rugs, lighting, and more, head to the site here.  


Image Source


Tapestry: K-Apostrophe

Topographic – Woven Tapestry

Adding texture and interest to the collection is this tapestry from K-Apostrophe. The Topographic Tapestry has the light blue of Aleutian brushed across the backdrop layered with the rusted orange. K’era founded K-apostrophe. K’era is a Los Angeles-based mixed media artist with a background in textile design. The shop features tapestries, throw blankets, pillows, and more on her site.

 Image Source


Wall Hanging: Studio Nom

Nahla – Indigo

Up next is this wall hanging from Studio Nom. The three blue colors of the yarn relate to different shades of blue in the inspiration palette. Nom, based in the Netherlands, founded Studio Nom. The intricate woven fibers create a dynamic and organic statement to any space. For more fiber art and wall hangings, check out her Etsy shop here.


Image Source


Art Print: Stormy Nesbit

Swim Good Print

Oh, how I’d love the be the gal in the image. Nothing says relax like a soothing moment floating in the water. I can’t do that right now, but looking at the print, Good Swim, is the next best thing!. Stormy Nesbit is a graphic designer and visual artist out of Phoenix. Her work includes minimal and modern prints, often celebrating the beauty, strength, and power of melanated women.

Image Source


Throw Blanket: Johanna Howard Home

Madison Throw

 Last but not least is this throw blanket from Johanna Howard Home. The Madison Throw Blanket is made from soft alpaca. Throw Blankets are great cozy additions to a space by adding texture, color, and visual interest. Johanna Howard Home’s site includes pillows, scarves, and candles. Check out more items here.

Image Source



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What do you think of this year’s paint color? What is your favorite featured item? Let me know in the comments!

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