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Basque Green SW 6426 & Olive Green Decor: Color in Review

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Restorative Richness, Sophisticated Boldness

We lean into the green with this rich Basque Green for this month’s feature. Basque Green SW 6426 was Sherwin Williams featured color for June. This paint color is versatile; it nods towards a vintage look and has a retro vibe while feeling trend-forward and contemporary. The effect is effortless yet impactful. 

Color in Review is your monthly destination to get the scoop on the latest trending colors. Discover inspirational color palettes, color-curated collections, and products from black-owned businesses. Use this series as a resource to find unique products, artisans, and small businesses.

Missed the last feature? Check out May’s featured color, Rose Tan. If you haven’t already, check out Sherwin Williams Color of the Year for 2022: Evergreen Fog. Catching up on the latest color trends? Visit my Color in Review series for past featured colors and discover more products. 


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Basque Green SW 6426

Olive this green! Basque Green SW 6426 is a rich olive green. The blend of the deeper yellow and green creates a balanced hue. Basque green is part of Sherwin William’s 2022 Color Forecast as part of the Ephemera collection.

Olive Greens and other rich greens are great in places where one wants to connect with nature or create a comfortable and cozy environment. Green has a strong psychological and physical association with nature. This shade is found in nature and can create a restorative, soothing, or relaxing environment. 

The living room image below features Basque Green on the walls and trim. The more transitional wall trim is revamped with the fresh Basque Green paint color. Natural materials, wood accents, natural greenery, and wood furniture pair well with this Basque Green. The result is a dynamic, layered, cohesive, fresh, and inviting gathering space.  

Sherwin Williams Basque Green SW 6426 (Photo Source)

Inspiration – Basque Green SW 6426 

I stopped in my tracks when I saw this vintage-looking vespa in olive green. The inspiration image of this scooter on the street captures the balancing quality of Basque Green that is bold and calming. Basque Green can pair well with warm neutral creams and soft tans. It also pairs well with other shades of rich greens like deep emeralds and green-blacks. For more coordinating colors, check out Sherwin Williams 2022 Color Forecast as part of the Ephemera collection.

I matched sourced colors from the image and paired them with a Sherwin-Williams color below. Here is more info about Sherwin Williams June 2022 Color of the month.

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Basque Green SW 6426 – Olive Green Decor

I live for olive. This collection captures the richness and elegance of this featured deep green color. The rich olive green shade of Basque Green SW 6426 translates into a dynamic, bold, and grounded collection. This collection features curved organic shapes, layered patterns, fibrous textures, and geometric accents. Showcased items are from Black designers, artisans, and businesses. Keep on reading to learn about each product, and check out the post on Instagram to explore all the artist’s on Instagram. 


Macrame Wall Hanging: Studio Nom

Noura Olive

Starting off this collection is this woven wall hanging from Studio Nom. This hanging showcases the rich olive paired with a creamy white and blush pinks. This color combo and woven effect are sure to be a statement. Studio Nom is based out of the Netherlands and creates various fiber art pieces. Check out more items on the Etsy, shop, including this coordinating piece here 

Fiber Art -Baque Olive Green with pink, blush an cream. Studio Nom

Image Source


Digital Art Print: Naledi Tshegofatso Modupi

Inhale Peace Exhale Joy

This next piece, Inhale Peace, Exhale Joy, plays with patterns, linework, and color composition. The rich olive-green backdrop sets the tone for the art piece. The profile of the person’s face is color blocked with deep gray-navy oranges and reds. The electric orange line work creates a striking composition. Naledi Tshegofatso Modupi is a South African-based visual artist. Her work centered around semi-abstract portraits inspired by the beauty of blackness. Check out more of her work and portraits on her site

Art Print - Woman in silhouete with olive green (Basque Green) background and bright golden organge linework

Image Source


Planter: Pepper Palm

Mega Small 5″

Give your plants a fashionable home. Planters can serve as art. This planter from Pepper Palm is hand-painted with abstract shapes and plays with colors and lines. Pepper Palm is based in Nashville, Tennessee, with one-of-a-kind hand-painted planters. Check out the corresponding set of 3 that this piece is a part of here.

Art planter with colorful abstract shapes painted - Colors Basque olive green, pink, and peach

Image Source


Planter: Utility Objects

Asymmetrical Planter

Up next is this planter from Utility Object. This asymmetrical planter comes in the rich Basque Green color. The unglazed clay planter includes a drip dish and comes in two sizes. Its unique shape creates a minimal yet handcrafted look. Utility Object was founded by Aleisha DuChateau, a ceramic artist based in Atlanta Georgia. The shop includes a variety of ceramic items including bowls, platters, and more.

Green asymmetrical planter - Olive green decor

Image Source


Patterned Wallcovering: Mitchell Black

Nomalanga in Olive & Linen – Forbes + Masters

This layered patterned wallcovering is designed by the black-owned design firm, Forbes + Masters. Nomalanga means “sunlit” in Zulu. The olive green tones in the slim horizontal stripes represent the horizon. The creamy white circles represent the moon. Find more wallcovering designed by Forbes + Masters on the Mitchell Black Website here
Wallpaper - Olive green with cream dots from Mitchell Black - Minimal and modern

Image Source


Art Print: Tactile Matter

Safe Space

The art print’s compilation of colors and shapes creates a calming composition. The color basque green is showcased in the print’s green grass. The figure sitting in solitude evokes a feeling of safe space like the piece is named after. Kenesha Sneed, a multidisciplinary artist, founded Tactile Matter. Check out the site for textiles and prints, including some books she wrote and illustrated!
Minimal abstract landscape art print - Woman gazing out to water and mountains. Art with Basque gren olive green color

Image Source


 Pillow: Bole Road Textiles

Amaro Pillow – Dawn

Up next is this pillow from Bole Road Textiles. The Amaro pillow combines different woven patterns to create a unique statement. The Ethiopian landscape inspired this pattern. The rich green is paired with vibrant turquoise, a pop of lime green, and deeper forest green. Check out the complete collection here.

Patterned striped decor Pillow- green and blue from Bole Road Textiles
 Image Source


Woven Basket: Goodee

Frutero Basket Set

The Fruterto Basket set by Makaua from Goodee is next on the list. This basket can be a stylish way to display fruit or for storage. The basket is handwoven out of palm fibers and comes in two sizes. Goodee is a curated marketplace with design-forward items that also make a positive impact. These baskets help support marginalized communities, community endangerment, and gender advocacy. Check out more items for good on Goodee site

Woven green basket set from Goodee World
Image Source


Art on Paper: Evan Blackwell Art

Beach Trek

Rounding up this collection is the gorgeous piece from Evan Blackwell Art. The work, Beach Trek, showcases a blend of rich greens with splashes of bright sky blue and deep forest greens. This piece is an original work done on toned paper. Evan does 2D art, 3D art, and murals. Check out more information on their site.

Abstract Green Art - streaks of olive green, deep green,and blue

Image Source


Learn about more trending colors by downloading the free Color of Year Guide! Click here or the image below to sign up!

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What do you think of this year’s paint color? What is your favorite featured item? Let me know in the comments!

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