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Alabaster SW 7008 & Creamy White Neutral Decor: Color in Review

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Fresh Balance, Comforting Softness

Springing into soft and fresh energy for April’s featured color. The veteran of warm whites, Alabaster SW 7008, is highlighted as Sherwin William’s featured color of the month for April. This modern and minimal white creates a versatile backdrop for many applications. It thrives as a blank canvas for layering style and flair. Or it can stand alone to create a simple, calming environment to unwind. 

Color in Review is your monthly destination to get the scoop on the latest trending colors. Keep on reading to discover inspirational color palettes, color-curated collections, and products from black-owned businesses. Use this series as a resource for finding unique products, artisans, and small businesses.

Missed last month? Check out March’s featured color, Iron Ore. If you haven’t already, check out Sherwin Williams Color of the Year for 2022: Evergreen Fog. Catching up on the latest color trends? Visit my Color in Review series for past featured colors and discover even more products. 

Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008 - White Paint - Color in Review Inspiration - White flowers, white ceramics, cozy blanket and book, white textured bedding, off white walls    Alabaster SW 7008 - Off White Creamy White Home Decor - Neutral Home Decor - curated creamy white decor collection including planters, wall hangings, art prints, rugs, and pillows

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Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog SW 9130 Guide - Opt in

Alabaster SW 7008

Sherwin William’s Alabaster has proved to be a trusty shade of white since it’s one of Sherwin Williams’s Top 5 Shades of White. Alabaster is creamy and warm but balanced enough to remain modern and fresh. Alabaster SW 7008 is part of the Sherwin William’s 2022 Color Forecast as part of the Ephemera collection.

Off-whites and creamy whites are suitable for places where you’d want to create a calming and organized environment. White acts as a blank canvas, often ideal for environments where you’d like to focus or tap into creativity. One can also lean into the soothing effects and use it for a rejuvenating environment. 

The studio image below features Alabaster on all the walls and trim. The neutral paint creates a peaceful backdrop that helps the mind focus. It creates a supportive environment to let creativity flourish and featured elements shine. Natural wood tones, soft muted colors, and chunky organic textures pair well for this application. Together, they create a supportive, creative, and relaxed, yet organized space. 

Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008 Creamy Neutral White Paint Color - Studio with desk, shelving, and art frames
Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008 (Photo Source)

Inspiration – Alabaster SW 7008

This inspiration image below captures the relaxing and calming effects that Alabaster SW 7008 can evoke. The image features a bed with neutral textured bedding and a view beyond — a vase on a shelf. The framing and simplicity of the image are comforting yet eye-catching. Alabaster pairs well with other soft neutral colors, including fresh earthy tans and taupes. The palette feels simple, fresh, calming, and welcoming. For more coordinating colors, check out Sherwin Williams Ephemera Collection. 

I matched sourced colors from the image and paired it with a Sherwin Williams color below. Check out more info about Sherwin Williams April 2022 Color of the month here.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008 Paint - Creamy Neutral White Color Palette - Off White, Neutral White, Modern White Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008 Paint - Creamy Neutral White Color Palette - Off White, Neutral White, Modern White

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Alabaster SW 7008 – Creamy White Decor

Who knew creamy could be so… dreamy? Sometimes less is more, and this collection is proving just that! The creamy white color of Alabaster SW 7008 translates into a fresh, relaxed, and simple collection. This collection features natural materials, organic lines and shapes, natural textures, and subtle tonal patterns. Showcased items are from Black designers, artisans, and businesses. Keep on reading to learn about each product, and check out the post on Instagram to explore all the artist’s on Instagram. 

Alabaster SW 7008 - Off White Creamy White Home Decor - Neutral Home Decor - curated creamy white decor collection including planters, wall hangings, art prints, rugs, and pillows


Macrame Wall Hanging: Candice Luter

Small Vibrato – Straight Cut Ends

This serpent-like, sinuous wall hanging from Candice Luter Home is starting this collection. The macrame wall hanging is made from natural cotton rope fiber and wood. I love how the piece can add dimension to a neutral backdrop by playing with tonal textures. Candice Luter’s shop includes a unique collection of fiber wall art and unique mixed media mirrors. Check out variations of this piece and more on her Etsy shop Macrame Wall Hanging: Candice Luter - Cotton Rope and Wood

Image Source


Digital Art Print: Nonily Studio

Lemon and Figs Art Print

The composition of this art print has a whimsical Parisian feel to it. The lemons and figs playfully stand out with their minimal linework. This piece would look adorable in a kitchen or casual dining area. Nonily Studio, founded by Tatiyan, is based out of California. The shop features minimal and abstract prints often centered around food, figures, and travel. See more of the different art prints on the Nonily Studio Etsy shop.

Digital Art Print: Nonily Studio - Neutral print with lemons and figs

Image Source


Throw Blanket: Eco Vibe Style

Cream Cotton Chenille Throw

What screams comfort, sophistication, and simplicity? A good blanket. THROW-n into the mix for this collection is this cotton chenille throw blanket from Eco Vibe Style. This blanket has a texture with horizontal and vertical lines. The textured fabric creates visual interest, while the creamy white color makes it versatile. Eco Vibe Style has a variety of home goods, plants, and products that carry a level of sustainability and social or ethical impact.Throw Blanket: Eco Vibe Style - Creamy Cotton Chenille throw

Image Source


Natural Fiber Collage Art: Elan Byrd

Shapes at Play – White Sand 13

Up next is this collage art piece from Elan Byrd. It is part of The Shapes at Play collection collages of jute grasscloth in abstract compositions. The changing grain directions of the jute help define the layered shapes. Explore Elan Byrd’s site for raffia wall hangings, art prints, and original mixed-media art.Natural Fiber Collage Art: Elan Byrd - Neutral textured art piece

Image Source


Patterned Wallcovering: Mitchell Black

Tasmanian Beach – Sand

Incorporating soft creamy whites through tonal play is always an option to explore. The Tasmanian Beach pattern from Mitchell Black creates a playful, curious backdrop on a subtler scale. The pattern creates an organic and abstract feel to the chevron pattern. The contrast between creamy-white and white adds interest to a space without feeling overpowering. Michell Black is Chicago-based offering various wallpapers in several colors and patterns.Patterned Wallcovering: Mitchell Black - Neutral organic patterned wallcovering

Image Source


Woven Wall Basket: Expedition Subsahara

Latt Wall Basket – White

Textures, natural fibers, and neutral colors are a winning trifecta in today’s trends. The Latt Wall Basket from Expedition Subsahara is created from elephant grass and recycled plastic. The natural colors of the materials and the woven texture are an excellent way to add a dynamic but comforting layer to a space. The mission of Expedition Subsahara is to build a STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, and Math) school in Senegal.Woven Bowl: Expedition Subsahara - Latt Woven Wall Basket

Image Source


 Pillow Cover: Dex and Bodie

Pismo Boho Pillow Cover

Merging comfort and aesthetic is this pillow cover from Dex and Bodie. This pillow cover is made out of soft woven cotton with an accented black hand-stitched detail. Talk about a boho moment! Dex and Bodie are based out of California, featuring curated home decor. Visit the shop’s site to check out more pillows, wall decor, rugs, and textiles.

 Pillow Cover: Dex and Bodie - Pismo Pillow Cover
 Image Source


Macrame: Studio Nom

GEO_02 Macrame Woven Wall Hanging – Off White

Looking for a Macrame piece that is the moment? Look no further than Studio Nom. This piece is big on texture, and I am here for it! The shag feel of the exposed cotton rope creates an extra organic look. Studio Nom is based out of the Netherlands. Check out more fiber art wall hangings with unique patterns and geometric lines at Studio Nom’s Etsy shop

Macrame: Studio Nom - Woven Macrame Wall Hanging - Geo 02
Image Source


Rug: Jungalow

Ronnie Natural Rug

Wrapping up this curated collection is this rug from Jungalow. The Alabaster color is played tonally with subtle contrasting threads that form abstract faces. The figures are geometric shapes paired with minimal organic lines, creating a subtle but eye-catching statement. Jungalow carries a variety of boh decor, and they plant two trees with every sale!Rug: Jungalow. - Ronnie Natural Rug - White Rug Boho Abstract Faces

Image Source



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What do you think of this year’s paint color? What is your favorite featured item? Let me know in the comments!

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