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Welcome to Design to Five, a design-based travel blog focusing on culture, travel, and all things design.

If you love to travel, have an interest in the built environment, exploring new areas, learning about culture, products, and all things design, you have come to the right place!

I want to share with you the architectural wonders, natural landscape, hidden gems, and everyday environments that make each place and every destination unique. So what is this all about?

Design to five is a blog enhancing the link between culture, travel, and design. The blog showcases products from local, sustainable, business from around the world, and travel related content to encourage affordable, conscious, and educational adventures for design lovers.


I am a travel-lover who works full-time at an architecture firm in Chicago as an interior designer. I obtained my degree in interior architecture and a certificate in material culture at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Interior design has always been a passion for me. During my college years, I had two opportunities to study abroad. My first true eye-opening experience was a summer program in China in 2014. The program, led by one of my professors, focused on Asian art, culture, and design. It was then that I knew I would have to find a way to incorporate travel into my lifestyle. Fast forward to January 2015, I boarded a plane to study abroad in Florence, Italy for an unforgettable semester

In the past six years,  I have traveled to over 14 countries, 42 foreign cities, and 4 continents.

And I managed to do so on a budget. And so can you




Do you have the travel bug, but have no idea how or where to start to get your travel fix?

See this blog as a source of inspiration and a tool to guide you closer to your travel goals. I will be posting content about tips, tricks, and guides related to traveling.  Learn about architectural gems, hidden treasures, and key sites to visit for various destinations. See how your travels and even everyday experiences can influence your actions and approach to life. Learn about products from around the world local artisans are working on.

My goal is this blog is an outlet to share my experiences and views on travel to inspire others to do the same! It is also to encourage my readers to look into the culture and environments of the places you visit and to challenge yourself to break the tourist bubble.  The blog is here to remind you to not get caught up in your everyday routine and seek adventure in your life, no matter how small that may be. opportunities to travel while still working full-time, or as a student, and on a budget. There is so much out there in the world to experience. Tailor your trips to suit your interests and make your vacations more fulfilling!


I am excited for what is in store!

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You can contact me filling out the form below or at victoria@designtofive.com

Happy reading and happy travels!




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