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20 Things to Consider When Planning Your Next Trip (Factors 1-10)

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Do you have the travel bug? Want to travel somewhere, but you have too many trip ideas or you just don’t know where to start? Want to take your vacation to the next level? Well, keep on reading my friend… I have 20, count em’ 20 things you can (and dare I say should) consider when planning your next trip. Yep, I am an over-thinker at times. But considering all 20 of these can help take your adventuring to the next level!

Alright, alright… let’s get started. Starting with number one…

things to consider when planning your next trip
Things to consider when planning your next trip:

1. Make a List of Future Destinations

Make a bucket list of places you want to go. Once that’s done, go through the list and see which destinations make your heart race and just ache to go. After that, make a short list of your top destinations. Categorize your destination list into, “would be nice”, “future destination”, and “make it happen.”

(Personal note: I did this at the beginning of last year in 2017 in January.  I created a future destination bucket list, narrowed it down to a list of trips I wanted to take during the year, solidified my “make it happen” destinations, blocked them out throughout the year, and did them ALL. This “make it happen” list made my travel goals feel more realistic and broke everything down to make it more attainable. Let me tell you, crossing off all of those destinations off at the end of the year was very rewarding.)

Okay, back to the list…

2. Where to Go? 

Check events, festivals, shows, concerts, etc. that can influence where and when you want to go.

Always wanted to visit California, love the desert-life, music, and fringe? Sounds like planning a trip to California and hitting up Coachella while you are there could be a smart move…just don’t visit Indio, CA in early May, because you would have just missed it. Bummer. So close…

3. When: Check High Season vs Shoulder Season vs Offseason

3.Check On and Off Seasons-2Consider if you travel to your destination during the high season, shoulder season, or offseason. The time of year you visit can influence crowds, the availability and prices of flights, accommodation, activities, and amenities, and more.

If you think you can just waltz right up to the Eiffel Tower in the middle of July and climb it with no line… think again…

4. Flight Deals

4. Flight Deals-2
Don’t have a specific destination or time in mind? Just searching online can help you uncover great flights and cheaper deals. Try Google Flights or Kayak. You may be surprised how affordable some flights are!

5. Research & Articles

Have some destinations in mind? Search for articles or other posts that give reviews, share experiences, and other insights related to those places.

For example: Thinking about visiting Montreal? Then you can practice tip number 5 right now. Check out my article: 15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Montreal. You could get some activity ideas and overall be even more inspired to go.

6. Brainstorm/ Visualize Activities

16. Activities
Think about what activities you are interested in doing while on vacation. Do you prefer to relax beachside? Exploring a bustling foreign city? Connecting with nature? Hiking? Skiing? Find out the places to do these.

Trying to hike in downtown Manhattan or designer label shop in a tiny town in Colorado, you may end up disappointed…. or not. You may stumble upon some worn denim button-down shirt with a patch of the American flag on the back. So mountain-rugged. So America. So high fashion.

7. Consider Currency/ Exchange Rate

Is your dollar strong at the moment? Is it stronger than the Euro? That’s a reason to go to Europe! Or it’s just a sign your dollar bills have been working out. Good for them.

8. Want to Vacation with Friends or Family?

8. Vacation with Friends
If you are traveling with friends and family, you should consider activities and attractions that can benefit and interest everyone on the trip. Planning a family reunion in Las Vegas…at a Casino… mmm maybe not. But a girls’ outing may be more fitting! (Sorry cousin Jerry, maybe next year.*)

*Disclaimer: I do not have a cousin Jerry. (Not that I know of…)

Moving on…

9. Educational

9. Educational.jpg
Want to learn something specific about a different region, culture, or religion? This can be a great reason to visit a place. It is so much more fulfilling to learn about something up close and personal than to just learn about in a book or on a screen via the internet.

10. Language

Want to strengthen your foreign language or start learning a new language? Traveling to a destination with that language is a great option. It is a lot easier to retain and grow your language skills when you are immersed in it and can converse with others.

Tip: Be sure to start with the basics like: ‘Hello’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Where is the bathroom’, ‘Why are you laughing at me’, and ‘Can I pet your dog’.


But wait… there’s more! We are half-way there my friends.  There are more things to consider when planning your next trip. Stay tuned for things 11-20!

 Which things listed above do you find most important? Let me know in the comments!




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