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20 Things to Consider When Planning Your Next Trip (11-20)

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Do you have the travel bug? Want to travel somewhere, but you have too many trip ideas or you just don’t know where to start? Want to take your vacationing to the next level? Well, keep on reading my friend… I have 20, count em’ 20 things you can (and dare I say should) consider when planning your next trip. Yep, I am an over-thinker at times. But considering all 20 of these can help take your adventuring to the next level.

– So you read part one of the blog post and discovered 10 factors to consider when planning your next trip? Ready for part two?

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Okay, now on to part two…

Things to Consider When Planning Next Trip

11. Cuisine

11. Food- Cuisine.jpg

Love Indian food or Italian food? Great, me too. Cuisine can play a factor in what you eat on your trip. Read up on the typical dishes or meals unique to that area so you don’t miss out on some tasty bites.

Please, don’t be that person who goes on vacation and just eats what you typically eat in your country or region.  Expect some major side-eye from me if you end up ordering a burger and french fries while you are in Italy for only a week.

12. Supplemental to Career or Studies

12. Career Supplemental

Is there a destination you can visit that can supplement your career or studies? Another reason to go!

13. Related to Heritage

Want to connect with your roots? Searching for your family history and visiting a place significant or related to your family lineage can result in a meaningful trip.

14. Holidays or Vacation Days

These can help you decide when to take a trip. Even though traveling over holidays can result in more expensive flights and accommodations, often you have a built-in day off or long weekend for your trip.

15. Weather/Climate

15. Weather:Climate.jpg

Craving sunshine in the dead of winter? Or ready to shred the slopes? What about a tropical or arid climate? Weather and climate have a significant impact on where you go and what you do while on vacation. Be sure to check the rainy seasons, dry seasons, and other seasonal conditions so you don’t get stuck with a tropical beach vacation and a week of rain! Seasons also influence the pricing of accommodations and flights. A vacation to the Caribbean is much more desirable in the dead of winter vs the middle of July and prices will adjust accordingly.

16. Length of Trip

Determining the length of your trip is a very important factor to consider because it influences your budget and activities. Prices of flights can fluctuate depending on what days you depart and return, which can create a significant difference. Create a list of all the activities you are interested in, edit the list to things you must tackle on your trip, and then figure out how many days it is feasible to do so. You want to make the most of your trip, but remember it is also nice to relax and have downtime. Try to plan enough to make the most of your time, but not too much that you don’t feel stressed trying to fit it all in.

17. Packing

Figuring out what you would need to pack is another thing to consider. Can you get by with just a carry-on? How efficiently can you pack? Will you regret lugging your giant suitcase down cobblestone streets and lugging it up 4 flights of stairs to your Air BnB? I thought so. Learn to plan ahead and pack smart. Your arms will thank you later.

18. Figure out a general budget

Budget obviously has a huge factor on when and where to take your next trip. To determine a general budget, find the average cost of flights for the time you want to go, the average price for your accommodations, food/meals per day, main activities, and add it all up.  If you are narrowing down your options, looking at an overall cost can help make the final decision.

19. Gear and Accessories Needed

19. Gear and Accessories Needed.jpg

Thinking of going on a skiing trip in Colorado, but don’t have any cold-weather gear, or ski gear, or snow boots, or know how to ski… That is definitely something to consider and plan for. Or do you want to go on a camping trip, but are lacking all the necessary tools? There may be some additional costs to buy or rent what you need to be equipped for your intended trip, so plan and budget accordingly.

20. Recommendations

Friends and family are great resources for word of mouth recommendations. If you know others who have taken a trip, ask them how they liked it. Chances are they will love the opportunity to brag about their trip, and you can get some insight on future trip ideas.

Phew! You made it! There you have it. 20 Factors to Consider When Planning Your Next Trip. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Are there any key factors that you consider when planning a trip? Let me know in the comments!

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